Monday, June 09, 2008

words,,, dont come easy

I was reading a book by Dalai Lama entitled "the road to self contentment" just the other day, one verse in particular struck me in awe, " Man must be ready to be first to help others, if you cant do that, then do them no harm"

The "harm" here is not described as being phsyically abusing others, but it could be harm in verbal sense. How many of us have uttered words that are hurting to others, how many times again we have hurled words that are damaging to our loved ones, i am guilty of that too.

You see me being the Man of the Household, sometimes i let this supremacy overrules me, if my family sometimes dont do thing my ways, i start to get agiatated, and begin to use unloving words at them, i fail to understand theiraction, suddenly the whole situation became like a cold war zone, nobody moves.

Minding one's use of words is not easy, but as the Man of the Household, i need to make that change.

P/S, I am only human, born to make mistakes, and not born to make the same mistakes too many times.

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