Thursday, February 05, 2015

Of first paycheck and RM50

Yesterday Jovial was kind of happy and when he told me this, "papa, I have got my salary already" and asked him, so what was he gonna do about the first paycheck of RM780.00, he kept mum for a while.

Just when we were about to take our dinner, he took out two RM50.00 notes, he handed me one and his mother another one and he said he wanted to keep the rest.

I asked him why did he want to keep his money, he said he wanted to save then asked me if I could teach him something about investment.

I felt happy for him and proud of him because his intention of getting his paycheck was not to lavish on changing to a new hand phone or buying some new stuff but instead he wanted to keep it.

P/S : Son, you've got a point there.


  1. Goshhhhh!!!! This makes me so teary-eyed! You've got such a good son there. So sweet of him to give to you and the mum, the likes of him are getting precious and few. Yes, Jovial, it is important to save - be prudent and wise in your spending. Many young people today spend like there is no tomorrow. All the best to you, God bless always. A son who shows love and respect to his parents will certainly be abundantly blessed, of that I am sure. Cheers!

  2. Good boy! RM780 is indeed a lot. I can't remember my first pay check as a part time promoter when I was 15 (after PMR) but definitely not so much! So where are you going to tell him to invest in? Hehe... not your pocket right?