Monday, January 19, 2015

I guess he is different...

Soon after his SPM exam, Jovial said he wanted to "chill and relax" for a short stint, he went travel a bit with his friends, then rested for a few days at home.

So when I casually asked him if he wanted to work part time, may be as a waiter or shop assistant like many of his friends, he said no. After hearing this, I thought he just wanted to continue to "chill and relax" until his result comes out.

Lo and behold, one day, he asked me if he could work as a car mechanic in my friend's workshop, I was stunned, I told him if he worked as a waiter, probably he could get some income like 900 to 1200 ringgit per month but he said that job would not let him learn some life skill.

Now he is into his third week working as a car mechanic, getting himself dirty, going under the car body, wrenching off the tires, changing lubricants, getting some scolding from my friends, learning to deal with "difficult" customers.

When I was asked by my friends what Jovial was working as he waits for his result, I told them "foreman", they said, my said was "different"..

P/S : Indeed he is different..


  1. He finished his SPM? Good grief! Time does very fast. Last I saw him, he was just a kid.

    Great that he wants to work while waiting for his results, you've got a good boy there (most would just idle at home, play online games or loiter around with friends)...and great that he follows his heart - money isn't of long term value, life experiences and skills acquired are.

    All the best to him in whatever his future undertakings may be. God bless.

    1. Yes cikgu, I guess he knows what he wants to do and what I can do is to guide him a long the way

  2. Wow! That is a very good decision indeed! He will gain invaluable experience.

    1. I am he will.......He said he loved doing this part time, he loved meeting different people along the way

  3. Kudos! He's thinking right! You too, Eugene, for letting him. Life skills are what we require in life. Real hands-on here.

    Gosh, he's 17 already?