Friday, January 16, 2015

I am blessed..

It is funny how sometimes there are friends who are envious of me, I don't drive big cars, I don't stay in big bungalow and I don't wear branded suits, all I have is a great wife, two wonderful sons and some money in the bank, that's all and not forgetting I do have a great God.

Friends sometimes tell me, "you good lah, sons so well nurtured, wife earning well, you too business okay" at times listening what they say, it gives me the feeling that their compliments are tinged with envy and a bit of jealousy.

Looking back, I am indeed blessed,to sum it all up..thank God for the blessing

P/S : Everyday I am counting blessings


  1. Yes, you are very blessed. But I am sure that is also because you care, and put in a lot of effort + love into your relationship and your home :-)

  2. Great! You are back! :D

    Being grateful enough to realise one is blessed is a good thing.
    Never mind what others think. Psst, never allow others to influence how you feel.
    Best wishes for yet another wonderful new year!

  3. Yes, Eugene, count our blessings...appreciate every little one that comes our way, give thanks and be happy always. God bless, all.