Monday, July 22, 2013

Chasing the dragon the designer ways

For the past a week or so,I managed to locate some of my secondary ex school mates and eagerly I managed to organize a get together with a few of them as a starter.

One side of me was happy cos many of mine ex mates are doing so well career and family wise,seeing them driving big cars, hearing from them about their businesses and holidays made me happy.

On the other hand, on that night, I was told that a few of other ex mates are still cracking "glass" or are still indulging in "designer drugs" , some even have become habitual junkies already.

I am not here to judge my friends but I sincerely feel sad cos at our age,close to 50 now, there are other more meaningful ways to enjoy life, such as keeping the family intact.

Looking at my friends on that night of gathering, I could only say that  it is a great joy to see friends thrive and are successful.................rather than seeing them down and out.

P/S : Wishing them all well


  1. I thought nowadays not many are chasing the dragon already... it must be from the yesteryears.. Nice gathering you have there, anyway.. great to meet up with friends we know from young...

  2. A good chance to network to enhance mutual business opportunities too.

  3. Practically we lost touch with old classmates merely one or two only. Great fun to have gathering on and off.