Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reunited and It Feels so Good

Thank you Lord for helping me to find the "missing link" that has been in the state of oblivion for the past 40 years and bless a great friend who'd helped me so much...(you are da man,Abdul Latiff)

For the whole of yesterday,all my attention was focused on a "reunion" that was about to take place at the wake of my late uncle, I was seriously hoping for a c"complete reunion' the one that everyone would "bury the pass", the one that everyone would be so eager and happy to see one another.

Indeed,it was a great reunion,even the one who said that "it was hard" for him to be there,appeared and there wasn't a slightest feeling of "resentment" in the air, even one of my aunties who is too feeble to walk,insisted that she wanted to be  there just to meet her sister in law and her nephews and niece that was "separated" by "some mistakes incurred by  a man" 40 years ago.

Last night,I really felt as if I was Neil Armstrong, a small step of mine but conquering the hearts of all my family members( my mom's sides), I was indeed overjoyed,my mom was happy,just like my other aunts, all my cousins were like ecstatic about 'who is who?"

Deep inside my heart, I knew that God has brought down all the hates, all the resentments from my cousins,simply because I could sense that they were so forgiving and their hearts were so open and I am glad that just like me,they have a God who is ever so forgiving as well. Thank you Lord

The two cousins that I have not met for 40 years, looking at the picture, I would think we do share some resemblance.

P/S : Please don't wait for a dead man to reconcile us..........Reconcile Now


  1. At least something good comes out from the loss... reunited, as you said..

  2. Alhamdulillahh....

  3. Feel good for you too. It's a great reunion and gather everyone together after a long separated. Hope you guys will keep in touch.

  4. 3 of you have very shiny head!! :p

  5. yes, i do see a resemblance there :)
    Nice thoughts in this post.

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  6. I see the resemblance.. from face to the top of the head :P

  7. Like it's often said, there's a time and place for everything. Trust this will be the beginning of better things ahead. Congratulations!

  8. I can see the resemblance. hehehe!

    It is great for such family reunion! More happy gatherings to come, I am sure! :)

  9. I like the shiny new look ;)