Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Too dear a mistake

My deceased uncle in the later part of his living years, really wanted to see his children of whom he had not met for almost 40 years, I knew that was his intention about 15 years or so ago,when he told me so...but it never became a "wish came through for him"

So today,with some help from a great friend and with some divine intervention,I managed to locate my cousin of whom I have not met for 40 years.The timing was just right,I received the infos about 12.15 pm and I happened to be somewhere there and my long lost cousin happened to be back for lunch break...

As soon as I came out from the lift,I saw one man walking towards the lift,I just got the strong hunch that it had got to be my cousin so on the pretext of asking him,"hello, can I know where is unit 6-2 ?" He asked me why,then I showed him the SMS my friend sent to me,I said,"I am looking for a Yeng Boon Tai" Thank God, the atmosphere was cordial.

Looking even more perplexed,he asked why was I looking for a Yeng Boon Tai, I explained that I was there to carry out my uncle's last wish, I was so sure that he was my uncle's son and without beating round the bush,I asked him if he was indeed Yeng Boon Tai, he conceded.

So from the lift lobby,he walked me to his unit, he said he did not have a slightest idea who I was, I said I could understand that after all the last time we played together was like 40 years ago.

He called to his mom,then I saw her and I quickly identified myself, she was as lost,so I told her I was "Ah Koi" (my mom's Cantonese name) son, then she suddenly said,"so you are Ah Long,right?" I was so happy when she invited me into her house.

I explained to her my reason of appearing in front of them out of the blues and after 40 years, she said she could understand, then she began to share with me why she decided to leave my uncle ( I am not going to divulge my late uncle's misdeeds ) and I could see she was crying by then but then she continued...

For over 40 years, she worked hard to raised her family without a single help from my deceased uncle, she chose not to remarry and she said as for now,she had harbored no hatred against my deceased uncle anymore since she became a Christian and I asked her,sincerely if I could still call her,"Ah Kim" she said okay,I held on to her hands,gave her a hug and we both cried a little and I said sorry on behalf of my deceased uncle.

Now back to my cousin, I asked him if he could just go and pay his last respect to his "bad" father,he told me honestly that he could not do it. I told him I could understand his feeling and I was not trying to coax him into agreeing with me either after all, he was made "without a father" when he was only 9 years old.

I asked my cousin before I left,if he was all right if I would buy him and his family,together with mine and my mom a dinner and I so happy that he agreed.

Note : My deceased Uncle was tall and handsome back then and he always liked me too...and man,please don't make expensive mistakes when you are young and handsome.....you might not be young anymore to "undo the wrongs"


P/S :  RIP Ah Ku............Goal Achieved but Mission not Accomplished.................


  1. Thats very noble of u to carry out his last wishes. I am sure ur uncle may finally rests in peace.

  2. RIP to your uncle. At lease you can tell him that his son and his ex wife are in good condition now, I think he can hear you .

  3. Regrets that come too late.. we can learn from other people's experiences

  4. Mr T.. my condolence to you..


  5. May your uncle rest in peace.

    So do appreciate the moments we have now..

  6. Yeah, may your Uncle rest in peace.

    Sigh. This post got me thinking about so much. I hope such situation wont happen to my son in future.

  7. Jeffrey S.K.BoeyMay 29, 2013 at 2:44 PM

    Bro, you have accomplished a very meaningful mission. Albeit they refused to go to your uncle's funeral. Sometimes life is like that, once we have done once horrible mistake which will eventually lead us to the very appalling ending.Remorse will be too late for all of it....I always pray to Lord that give me wisdom to carry on my life wisely......