Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My crazy cousin....................

I have got a crazy cousin who practices some kind of "meditation", on the day of my uncle death, he went to my mother's house and "advised" my mother not to attend her brother's wake and funeral and all, he said it was not "good " for my mother.

From then on,he kept coming to my mother's house a few times and when my sister told me something of what this"crazy cousin" told my mother about ,I was incensed and furious.

He literally put my mother into the state of fear and caused her to lose her sleeps and after hearing from my sister,I quickly comforted my mother and this is what he told my mother.

Two days after my uncle funeral,this cousin of mine went to my mother's house one evening and told my mother that my mother's days were numbered(that she would die very soon) and he even told my mother that one of her sisters would also die this year,if not surely next year.

He even told my mother that I (yes your truly here) would court some kind of unpleasant spirits too, after hearing from what he said, my mother admitted that she was indeed fearful,at her age of 74, I would say it is quite reasonable for her to feel likewise.

When I told my mom that I would confront this cousin of mine,she advised me not too,(may be she still cherishes the bond ) but then again,I told her if he continued the "nonsense" I would have got to do it for the sake of my mom sanity and my health,(cos this kind of fear will wreck one's health too)..

I just wonder what is his real intention of saying all this,"nonsense",is he jealous that my mother has got good sons and daughters?where else his family is far on the opposite.

I am happy that after talking to my mother,she just had the courage to debunk such "nonsense"

P/S : Can't believe I have got a psycho in the midst of me............


  1. Jeffrey.S.K.BoeyJune 4, 2013 at 4:49 PM

    Firstly i felt so poignant for your cousin and i assumed that your cousin already practiced such "MEDITATION" doolally.Maybe you and your mom don't eschew your cousin since she is still keep the relationship well with you all. However bro i think you shouldn't take it obliviously because it would be very unhealthy if she keep on infusing your mom those nonsenses. Pray to Lord for His salvation upon your cousin copiously.....and take good care of your mom,bro!!

  2. it is unacceptable at very first place that simply go to your mother house and say this type of nonsense :/

  3. macam macam people in this world !!!!

  4. He's lucky that your mom didn't chase him out with a broom. hahaha... quote LittleLamb, macam macam...

  5. annoyed observerJune 6, 2013 at 12:13 AM

    jefrey, please tone done your ridiculous usage of words that doesnt make any sense in your sentences. do you even know what poignant or oblivious or eschew means? so annoying!