Friday, March 29, 2013

The killer factor

I was having a casual chat with my church's elder,who happened to be a marriage counselor for a few years. I put forth a question to him, I asked," Brother Lim, if you could recollect all your marriage counselling experience, what is one problem that is on top of the list?

 He said none other than "money problem" and I really think I couldn't agree with him more.

As far as I am concerned, sometimes I would come into argument with my lovely wife too but really nothing detrimental to our marriage but I have come across some friends who really regard "money" as the killer factor.

Note: Just wonder do you have special "Dos and Don'ts as far as money in marriage is concerned?

P/S : Money makes it or breaks it


  1. Money is a necessity in life but it won't bring health and happiness to me. So I rather focus on health and happiness to bring money in.

  2. So far so good for me, because my money is mine, my husband is also mine. Muahahahah!

  3. Depends on what lifestyle husband and wife expects to have... eg like my colleague, she and hubby leads a simple life, so with a meagre pay, both of them are still happy and contented... :)

  4. We're ok...where money is concerned. But I do feel it's a matter of giving and taking - one cannot be all giving nor all taking - that would kill it sooner or later.

  5. Most of us all have too much "wants".... not enough $$$ stamina.
    We should keep thing simple and stop competing with Taib and Rosmah

  6. The materialistic temptation was so strong and irresistable.We should always have the right attitude to handle it wisely.There was one elderly gentleman share this with me...."Money is a necessity to us ,however it will never be the priority in our life" ........:-)