Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The dancing boys and girls

So, we have received many complaints about some boys and girls,(ages from 14 to 16) practicing their dance routines near the lift lobby in where I stay...the complaints are of noise, some littering, blocking the walkways.

I as one of the Resident Committee members was asked to give feedback and solutions to this issue,so I wrote to the Board......

"Dear Committee members,

We were all young once and as we know when we were young, we needed to be "active",just like these dancing boys and girls..

I suggest that we call them in for a meeting,telling them we cannot allow them to practice there anymore, we hear them out, we ask them for their opinions,we encourage them to give us their proposal 'sites" and from thereon, we will need to assist them in way that we could"

Wouldn't it be better this way,instead of telling them off," Hey, you guys cannot dance here anymore, better go somewhere else"

P/S : Respect should be given irrespective of ages,colors and gender


  1. bro.. I agree with you... get a place for them to practice than just telling them off... keep them occupy before they search for something else to do...

  2. Mutual respect is good. I give you a "like".

  3. I also LIKE.. Eugene was young once too.. and is still growing younger each day! :)

  4. I sokong you 100%. Good that they channel their energy into dancing...and not other indesirable activities.

  5. I was a wild and party animal when young but I was dancing inside Cinta and Cinnamon Tree every week. LOL... I guess the authorities need to open up halls for them to swing and toss themselves.

  6. Yes I agree with you. Get them another place to practice eg. badminton court & etc.