Tuesday, April 02, 2013

From 1 to 4

So Marvell told me that this time around he got the 4th position in the class from his first term examination, so again that he used to get No 1, I called up to him, I gave him a hug and I asked.

"Are you happy son that this time you did not get the first?" He said no, he asked me why, I said that I was afraid that the he would be sad but judging from his demeanor, I know that he won't be.

I explained to him that it was okay to drop or to fall sometimes,I encouraged him to find out the reasons behind his fall and we talked about it as well.

When I went through his exams paper,I was practically impressed with his achievement, so I told him the position was not a concern to me cos I knew he had tried his best,just some careless mistakes along the way.

I assured him that I wanted him to be happy in his studies,rather than competing with his peers,cos I have some of his classmates' parents who blatantly telling me that they would get their sons and daughter to dislodge Marvell from the first position, that what my concern was, to getting Marvell tossed into this "unwarranted competition"

I am glad that Marvell was cool about his result and he told me that he would do better the next time and I told him that I was just proud of him and that's all.

P/S : Happy that he is Happy


  1. Actually 4 is ok too! Like you say, its normal to drop sometimes, as long as he's cool about it, nothing else matters.

  2. Matthew 19:30 But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. I was among the last in school - can't say I did not do well in my career and in the later years of my life...

  3. Marvell...keep it up....Uncle Boey know that you can do it better next time.Furthermore you got an excellent "SIFU" guide and motivate you all the way......Gambateir......

  4. wow... he sure is a good lad.. humble and nice.. Eugene, good upbringing.. keep it up!

  5. Good for you, Eugene! - not applying pressure like some parents do.

    Happy(surfer) too is happy that he is happy. Marvell is a marvellous kid.

    What matters is the grades, not the position. Keep up the good work, both of you!

  6. You really know how to give a good motivation.

  7. as long as the child doing well in exams marks position it's not important.. life of meaning is important. Don't over a child sometimes.. U're doing good papa