Friday, March 01, 2013

Love so right but turns out to be so wrong

I was having dinner celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife last Friday,we sat along at the Al Fresco line, we love to do that cos we can watch people streaming by while enjoying our meals.

It was a pleasant surprise for me when I saw a very old time lady friend,who happened to tag along her son for dinner there as well, when I saw her, I quickly rose from my chair and gave her a warm greeting,then we chatted.

As usual,we talked about family blah blah blah,, then out of sudden, I asked her why I didn't see her husband  with her for dinner .( I know the both of them too,loving couple),she was quick to show me her hand gesture (with two fingers widening apart, as in a V sign)... I got that message.

Being an old friend, I asked her how did it all happen, she said she could not believe it when her husband told her that he wanted to move out, she was shocked cos as she described it that were no tell tale signs at all, prior to the "shocking news" her husband continued to call her many times everyday whenever he was outstation doing business, he acted as if he was that usual typical goody husband and all.

I gave a pat on her shoulder and wishing her well and tell her to be strong...............

She told me in the end that her husband's new found love was from China and I was just recollecting how many times have I heard such woes and it got me thinking.

Why do men ditch their wives for those big C ladies?
Will it be all right,if the wives let the husband go and have a fling or two,then come back good good and still have the family intact?
Or may be our wives should be sent to some kind of classes,teaching them how to be sexy and seductive?
Or men in general are simply insatiable when it comes to SEX, always adventurous one?

P/S : Can I be naughty sometimes...........? hahahahahah


  1. It all depends on the individual....and to clap, it takes both hands so looking from one side, we really can't say who is right and who is wrong. There may be more than one side to a story.

  2. So many cases... I guess the older men wanted to feel young again by going to the C ladies.. am i right? :)

  3. Those C Dolls really worked hard to lure and bait anyone. I know what I am talking after seeing too many of them in KL and China. It is a sad thing to see marriages falling apart every where.

  4. Man is like cat, like fishy?? If men can be naughty once a while, then women also can have a dessert out there and come home good good.... hmmm

  5. "Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”.

  6. There are different kind of China Girls. In major metropolitan area, top university in US, Europe, Australia you can find those with top IQ and work really hard. Many are really smart and attractive. Most of those are beyond the reach of local Malaysian Ah Peh.
    And there are some you can find selling pirated DVD and working in massage parlor.

  7. temptations! Noteasy for the men though but no excuse to give in.

  8. So sad to hear this story. Women are very pitiful.

  9. The enticement of the C-Lady is really irresistible,most of them are so charming,concerning,caring (4Cs') which will lead us to marriage tragedy if we failed our self control.Explicitly said, my adivse is if we can't afford to bare the cost of the marriage tragedy ....never ever think of it or avoid from those C-Lady entirely!!!Pray for Lord wisdom onto us to manage ourselves well....:-P