Monday, March 04, 2013

RM 100

I am entitled to a "windfall" of RM 100 courtesy of Penang state government under the state's Anak Emas Program as I was told by my friend, so I asked her to help me to get the form for me to fill up and she did but then again,on second thought.

As I was coming back home with the form firmly in my hand,( for I wanted to fill it up at home), suddenly a thought came to my mind, it was a thought that challenged my conscience and a reflection to gauge of what I really say what I am....I was thinking "do i really need this RM100?"

My answer was a definate "No" I don't really need this or rather I don't need this at all but then again a selfish thought surfaced as in Malay saying,"rugi lah kalau tak ambil" ...........Eventually I was arguing with myself, one part of me was saying this,: You hypocrite, the Barisan Federal government give RM200 last year, you took it without second thought" but this RM 100 from the state,you act as if you are so noble"

Then I made up my own justification of taking the Federal aids (which I didn't really need as well) and as opposed to declining the Penang state"s "windfall" . I said to myself this," I would forgo this RM100 and I have faith in my Penang state government that if there are hundred parents like me,then the state government would have some extra cash in their coffer and I believe sincerely that the state government would then channel this fund to those who really need it"

I am confident as well that the Penang State government would not use the RM100 that I forgo (or others that do likewise) to breed COWS in supercondimium and with this thought I walked to the nearest dustbin and I threw that form away.

I am sure by forgoing the RM100,someone out there would benefit eventually and I am happy doing it.....

P/S : I might have some extra beers but then again not so right lah..


  1. I did not get a sen!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Hi Eugene, I really envy and respect Penang Lang like you.

  3. Up to one's conscience, I guess.. this RM500 payout is causing some heartpain too in a way.. rich or filthy rich are also taking them.. sigh...

  4. Wah this Eugene, the Anak Emas has got the Hati Emas! You will be blessed in return in many folds.

    Eh! Next time give me lah!....

  5. Next time you can recycle the form. Don't throw it away. :)

  6. Eugene, you are in Penang, you can do this. But, this is not applicable for other states.

  7. Proud of you Eugene. Your RM100 sure will pass to someone that really need the $$.

  8. Eugene, maybe next time, take the money and personally give it to someone needy or to some worthy cause of your choice. Penang state is rich enough to be giving out this money, I feel. My two cents.