Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A transvestite,Hong Kong drama and a crying boy

My wife took me and Marvell to her customer's annual dinner last Saturday, it was not a grand one but the vibe and the food was all good, we really enjoyed ourselves there.

During one of the performances,one performer who happened to be a transvestite had this uncanny showmanship that really rocked the whole crowd and even his name was funnily termed as "Lao Pu Ki" and too me,he was the best performer of that evening.

So, when Lao Pu Ki made his way down and meandered through the crowd, suddenly he walked to me as he was singing some kind of Hindi song,I obliged to his so called "advances" then abruptly he hopped onto my laps and made some kind of "sexy" moves and that shocked my Marvell.

Suddenly, Marvell was crying during this Lao Pu Ki's performance. I was asking him why that he cried,he refused to divulge....

As for me and my lovely wife,it was a wonderful night but when we were on the way home, again I asked Marvell why was he crying during the LPK's show, all the he said was he was "traumatized' and that was exactly what he said and I didn't want to pursue as I wanted my wife to ask him the day later.

So my wife did ask him why...........he said that he was traumatized because he was afraid that papa would be lured away by Lao Pu Ki and then divorces his mother,so when my wife asked him from where did he get this notion, he said he saw many divorces from the Hong Kong drams series...............

After much talks by his mother,Marvell finally conceded that he should not be watching too much Hong Kong drams series.

P/S : Know what they are watching,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 


  1. LOL, Marvell is so naive and thoughtful at the same time. He was worry sick that papa would fall for LPK after a lap session.

    Agree, must filter out certain HK drama series for our kids, because I'm guilty for following most of the series myself too.

    1. yaloh yaloh, I acceded with Yvonne utterly.The first reaction of Marvell to me is soooo artless and callow.Nevertheless this shown that he is really really so concern about his family members.Thanks Lord for such a wonderful kid.

      The wisdom of distinguishing good or bad is cricial amongs us regardless adult or kids.

  2. I guess he has come across a lot of divorce cases in the HK dramas, either that or he heard too much in school too.. always a third party will come in between the family...

  3. Lao Pu Ki, hahaha what a funny name!! xD

  4. lol! Marvell is indeed naïve. I don't let my girls watch any drama series at this moment. TV can really influence them a lot.

  5. What a hilarious post about your innocent son! My wife who lectures in a varsity said that too much TV, Computer Games and Cartoons have influenced students to become daring and violent. In the end, many became very rude to the elders and their parents. Well I am sure you are a good father who knows what is the best to care for your family.

  6. Saw tha Ak Kua show long ago in Pattaya - very clean and very enterataining. Saw one in KL too, long ago...slo nice - Filipinos. They're all very decent shows and they're very talented really.

  7. Agree HongKong dramas do somehow have some influence on Marvell but then the bigger picture could be LPK (even the name already gave the kids a bad influence) which triggers the fear right in front of Marvell's eyes. Sort of seeing is believing where else movies are just movies and not the real thing. Somehow LPK's show may be entertaining to adults but may not be good for kids. Agree with STP the Ah Kua show that he saw was clean and entertaining and cannot be too sexy and hot so hot that the kids cannot reconcile and handle. My dua sen.

  8. such a funny name LPK !

    My girl being influenced by HK movie too....one day, she insisted wanted to kiss my lip. I asked her why and she said she saw from tv that koko and jie jie kiss on the lip.

  9. Dramas really influence a lot. Should limit them watching those drama, angmo dramas with kissing and sexy part even worst.

  10. Poor sweet sensitive Marvell. Hope he's got the right perspective now since your wife has spoken with him.

    That is why parental guidance is so important for children because they are not experienced enough to understand certain things not within their grasp yet.

    Agree that these shows are entertaining and they are so talented.