Friday, March 22, 2013

A few questions after SPM....

There is just one thing I really don't understand, are the children now super clever than what we were? You see so many of them scoring so many As and some more A+, I remember during my time,if one scored about 7A, it was a great news already but now.......sigh.

Now,I wold like to hear from you experienced parents out there,I have a question to ask.........

Assuming,next year my Jovial's result is like "neither here nor there" if you were me,how would advise him as far as his future is concerned?

The reason I am asking this is because, a son of my friend,who scored rather badly in his recent SPM,he got something like this,2Bs, 5Cs and the rest Ds and the son asked the father to enroll him into college and wanted to take up Business Ad., I feel about funny about his son's request

P/S : Sometimes parents are as confused as the children


  1. Some kids who do not score As do not mean they are "backward".. it is just that they might not be interested in the subjects in school and some other factors.. like family background affected.. So.. if they are interested in pursuing their interest, we as parents must encourage them.. i have a nephew who scored very badly in SPM too.. but now he scored great results in his computer engineering course.. so.. I guess if they are interested in what they love to do, the results will be amazing! My two cents... :)

  2. I agree with Claire. The string of As only show that you are good at studying (aka memorising/rote learning) and good at getting excellent results in exams - you may not be smart at all. Many of those non-A scorers are very much smarter - and may be a lot more successful in life eventually. Nothing to shout about really - those strings of A's. They do not mean a thing.

  3. All As do not even get one into to the few very top universities in the world. For those schools, all As are just the minimum for average applicants; one needs something extra like sport, leadership skills....
    To be successful it in Malaysia, all one needs to be friend with the politicians in power. :)

  4. My own comments about those kids who scored fantastic results in their exams are really brilliant and industrious.We should felt proud of them of the efforts they put in.Conversely for those less fortunate kids who didn't do well doesn't mean they are hopeless. For examples like Steve Job, Bill Gate &.....they are Great Man but they didn't have excellent degree from U. Attitude, Perseverence & Self Interest will propel a person to do great achievement in their life......Thank God for everything that He shape us up regardless of any circumstances.....Amen.


  5. i don't see anything wrong with your friend's son's request. at least he still wants to study!! just because he does badly in his spm, you think he should just give up? sometimes you are really funny. :p

  6. At most time, kids dont know what they want even at age 17. I myself thought I wanted to be this and that..but now that i m working and after 20 yrs, how I wished my parents did gave me some advise. Let the final decision be on the kid but after u tell him all the different avenues.

    ok. back to topic. instead of academic route, there is also vocational route (ie: chargemen, technical specialist, tour guide, hotel..) and usually these are work cum study at the same time. There is apprenticeship offered (paid type and free type) and these usually are industry attached. Ie: you become a car technical operator and work ur way up to specialist. you tie with BMW/Toyota, etc. You get parallel qualifications too.

  7. only question... does the child (boy) knows whats covered in business ad? if he does.. then he is on the right path..