Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Electrical Kettle

Yesterday evening,I asked my lil Marvell to follow me out to buy something,he asked me,what would I buy,I said I needed to buy a electrical kettle.

He knew that we did not need a electrical kettle and there must be a reason why his papa wanted to buy a electrical kettle, so after coming out from the electrical appliances shop,I just told him this,"Marvell,now let's go and give this kettle to uncle Teoh"

Then he asked,"Papa, why are you giving this electrical kettle to uncle Teoh", I said because uncle Teoh needed one and as a friend of his, it is nice to give something to someone as a gift sometimes.

I really hope through the actions of me and my lovely wife,we would instill some kind of good characters in our children, I don't wish to see them in the future,making tonnes of money and yet be a slave to all of it, I don't want them to grow up only to learn "to receive but never wanting to give:

And I seriously hope,we can show them good examples..

P/S : When was the last time you made someone happy?


  1. My friend gave me an electrical kettle when she heard that I often forget to switch off my gas stove while boiling water... she made me happy instead.. hahahaa...

  2. That's great, instil kindness in them. They look to us adults as examples. However, don't be over generous.

  3. That's great,bro......bounteous attitude should we always teach our next generation oftenly......By the way, my home need a LED/LCD TV regardless of any sizes, would you.........hahahaa....

  4. It's very kind of you and in the same time teaching your son and influence him. My little girl is a bit selfish. We are trying hard to change her attitude.