Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Since when I became a Paranoid ?

Whether I like to admit or debunk it.............I am actually a paranoid,not so much about myself but about people that I love.

I was taking my Marvell for some shopping over the weekend (just the two of us,Jovial was not interested and wifey not around)...It was very crowded in the mall,I guess because of the CNY shopping, throughout the milling around in the mall, I was holding on to Marvell's hand, so scared that he would "disappear" or "snatched" away.

Even as he wanted to go to the toilet,I would just wait for him outside the cubicle,unlike last time, I would just tell him to go ahead by himself.

In the incident of my wife got "missing"her flight back home,I totally lost sleep,worrying sick of her safety,worse still she was like thousands miles apart...

Why am I being such a paranoid now? is it I am being over reacting of their safety or it is really that the earth that we are living in now is no longer safe? You tell me..............

The names of those children "lost and found dead" such as Nurin, William, Sharlinie really send shivers down my spine....

P/S : It is no longer safe or is it not true?


  1. Not only you, I am one also! My friend only chided me the other day of being paranoid, she said I read too much of the Malaysian Crime Awareness and now becoming fearful of this and that.. I also asked myself, Seriously, Am I like that? I guess we are not alone.. either we read too much of these crimes or maybe we are getting old that we are worried about our young?
    By the way, is your wife back to home sweet home?

  2. Not only you, I also worry for myself too. LOL. Sometimes my boss asked me to deal with bad debt clients and tenants, I would get goose bumps as well. This morning I warned my boss that his Negro tenants might throw me down from their 20th floor balcony!

    Your constant prayers will always bring safety to your loved ones.

  3. oh.. you tell me about that bro... just last Sunday, I was with Princess in church.. even in CHURCH, I was panaroid about where she 'wonder' around.... it's not really that 'safe' nowadays..

  4. Not paranoid. Paternal instinct! It pays to be extra careful anywhere, anytime of day. I get worried over my girl...even though so old already whenever she's out or away alone.

  5. Same happen to me too, after the William Yau case I seem phobia to leave my kids alone, hold their hands tight, keep remind and educate them how to protect themselves.

  6. I have told myself again and again, I will never leave them in the car, I will never allow them to walk to toilet alone, I will never let them out of my sight in public.

  7. bro...not paranoid lah!!!I believed that most of us may involved in such situation if inauspicious incidents occured.Furthermore we heard lots of appalling cases happened in our country recently which will lead us in befuddled thinking circuitously.However if bro u don't restrained such emotion properly which i perturb will caused you to schizophrenia.Don't joke about it!!Please Pray hard to The Lord and submit to Him utterly!!Learn "SUBMISSION" to the Lord when we are in incapacitating effort.

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  9. I think it's normal for you to act like this, society these days is getting scarier, better be safe than sorry.

    But still I want to tell you, try to relax la~ hehe ;)

  10. The 16 years old Indian boy who went missing recently is my son's friend's friend.
    Not only I feel very stressful with all these news, I can sense that my kids are the same too. Something is very wrong with our country. I feel that even Vietnam and Bangkok are much safer.

  11. Your paranoia is justified. This recent article 'Beware of Lurking Predotors' from The Star is enough to send chills down any parent's spine. The potential threats & dangers to our children are very real. So it's better to be super paranoid than to be sorry. The link to te story is here -

  12. hmmm that was normal, everyone got the right to be cautious all the time. No worries bro, just protect what you can and appreciate what you should. Bless you.