Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mr Lonely......

I have never thought that this could be so true that married men can get very lonely sometimes,when all seems fine but not actually "that fine"

A very dear friend of mine called me up for some drink last week,so I happily obliged cos my wife was far away that week and I really felt like I needed to catch up with my good friend too, this "just of two of us catch up" that has long been unable to materialize.

So,over some beers,we chatted and as my friend was sharing,somehow we just synced, we synced in the sense that both of us,(the married men) did have something in common,probably our other halves would never know that we the married men do feel lonely sometimes.(hahahahahahahh)

His wife works in some senior position in a big corporation and most working days of the week,she would only be home after 7 pm and usually she will leave the house at 7 am as well,(supposedly to avoid traffic jam).

Looking at it, she literally works 12 hours a day by the time she is home,she would be too tired to do anything else and that sadly said has in way affected their "intimate" moments.

You see men cannot complain much about their "loneliness" otherwise the spouse would start to rant,"So, I don't go out and work lo, you support the whole family and let us live comfortably can ka?" another male friend once told me.

Personally,I am not against career women,I think they are great at the same time,I do recognize that it is never easy to juggle work,family (children and husband)...So like my friend,he understands that very well too,that's why he helps out the house chores everyday, he makes sure his children finish their home works and not slack and he is not complaining but he too wants to be 'heard,loved,hugged and be intimate too"

Over the chat,I suggested to my friend that may be once a twice a year,just the two of us,would embark on some "running cum holiday" escapes,solely just the two of us,we both love running and we could run in Bangkok Marathon, KL Marathon or even Taipei Marathon and he loved my ideas.

P/S : Men and women alike, we need to be "touched"


  1. Haha, it's normal I guess, men are also just human beings, it's not surprised for you guys to feel lonely sometimes ;)

  2. It's all a matter of giving and taking... Like a knife, it can cut both ways...and it's the same with the other half. Sometimes one may need a bit of myself time, a bit of breathing space, a night out with the boys/girls...and at other times, one would yearn for each other's company. Can't stick to one's whims and fancies all the time.

  3. Like ladies, the men need to go out too as long as you know your "boundaries" .. :)

  4. Interesting. I like this post, bold talk betul! Thanks for being so honest, at least I know how my husband feels too.

    1. Agree, I get to know men a little more through this post. Thanks, Eugene!

  5. but I don't mind being lonely..I need my personal space..

  6. women never have it easy eh? Sadly, they really can't have it all. Career, take care of family, children, please the husband, time for themselves. Something's gotta give. No matter what the woman does, men find an excuse for everything.