Friday, January 18, 2013

Lesson from Listen Listen Listen

I am sure many of you have seen,just as I have the farce created by a "Kak listen ' or I prefer it better as "Listen 姐“ berating a miss Bawani .

The only thing that I despise greatly about this "kak listen " is her arrogance, she acted as if she is more superior than those under grads, I am all for "freedom of speech" therefore "kak listen" has the right to voice her opinions too but by exerting the arrogance to defend "freedom of speech ' is most unbecoming for one.

As parents,we too most often than not fall into this "syndrome of  Listen 姐" ..we tell our children" you better shut up,I am your father or your mother,you better listen when I speak" I am guilty of that too.

Now, I don't say this anymore particularly with Jovial for I know I need to give some space for him to express himself,I know too that there are areas that he can enlighten me. I guess communication is about for one respect and when that is lost,one party will feel that there is no need for communication at all.

Looking back,when I lost those "communications" with my children were those times when I exerted my authority,when I hollered " shut up and listen" and when I did not respect their dissenting opinions .

So seriously when I watched that video, I learned, I learned not to be like "Listen 姐" I learned not to tell my customers,"my products where got problems..other customer no say got problem" hahhaahhaha.

Have you ever heard the boss telling the staff," I am the boss,so you better do what I ask you"

Have a great weekend guys

P/S : I am still learning



  1. Listen, listen... (7 times) then took away mic.. if with her kids.. listen..listen... (7 times) i wonder what she will do...
    Have a great weekend, Eugene...Listen! Better go enjoy yourself with your family! hahahaa...

  2. Great one, Eugene. There are so many things to learn from "Listen 姐". I also learn one thing from "Listen 姐"'s audients, don't simply clap hands and nod head when people tokok.

  3. Everyone is crazy over listen 姐 now.. I agree, she is quite arrogant.

  4. we are at fault for bwing in the scenario of Listen, especially if we are senior or of higher position than the next person..

    it's sometimes a natural instinct.

    but of course what kak listen did was abaolutely wrong. intrusion and rubbish craps that came out from her mouth afterward just to avoid answering bawani's question. she had succeeded to make herself a national clown, and this stpry will stick for the longest time until Malaysia produce yet another clown.

  5. Who is not respecting R:E:S:P:E:C:T? Who should listen first? *shake head*

  6. We should respect everyone, not just the "adults" (by the way, aren't we suppose to address them as the "elders", because the undergrads are adults too).

    I learned a lot from this Mak Listen, I will try to minimize my "Listen" and "Shut up" towards my children now.

  7. "As parents,we too most often than not fall into this "syndrome of Listen 姐" ..we tell our children" you better shut up,I am your father or your mother,you better listen when I speak" I am guilty of that too."

    This is so very true! It is all around us! Parents, teachers, lecturers, bosses...they're everywhere. That woman was unfortunate to be caught on video, that's all - a lot more like her all around. That's why I do not see what all the hoo-haa was about.

    I know teachers...even lecturers in the universities like that - don't know anything, don't know how or what to teach - just simply scold and scold and scold the students, insult them...leaving them so demoralised and depressed. And these people have their Masters degrees and their PhD's, many from overseas even! Don't ask me how - I don't know.

    1. I truly agree with you sir Arthur,, there are still many of those in our midst,,therefore this lad is overhyped alredy

  8. I am not racists but some friend's wives also behaved like that. Seems like birds of feather flocks together! Honestly I get confused when I compare the education system in US and Malaysia. Both have problems too! Bring back the cane!

    Hey brother, your comment in my blog sparked my eyes. Guessing your age, I think we have a common friend who was quite a samseng fella named "Ah Aik" who used to hang out at the CSC. I actually met him in London when he was hiding there!

    1. I guess my age is someway around a fella called Quentin from Saint as well.... he seemed to get all the fun,heard about him before we eventually met,when we became colleagues from the first McDonald in Komtar...even in McDonald,he seemed to enjoy the limelight too,,,,,,,,,,man some guys have all the luck,some guys have all the fame,,haiz

      CSC,what's that? kind to tell me more

    2. CSC is Chinese Swimming Club which was popular with your school guys. Ah Aik was that rascal who was from your school and had so many followers! This uncle still parties at Bagan and that Macalister Road's mansion. His life story was so scary and most horrible. I guess you knew him la.