Monday, January 21, 2013

A top up....................

Yesterday,after much explanation from my dear insurance agent, me and wifey decided to top up Marvell and Jovial's insurance again for an additional few hundred more monthly.

We did it because we wanted them to be so called well "covered" something really got me thinking that life is not simple anymore...I can't remember my parents ever bought any insurance for me and I don't even think they were worried that I was not so called well "covered" but one thing for sure I knew they loved me dearly as well.

Life now is indeed not simple anymore, a friend of mine spends RM700 a month for his tuition fees and sometimes life is also very the funny one,,, another friend of mine who bought I phone and spends about 4 5 hundred a month for his daughter's tuition and piano lesson but only pays RM150 for her insurance coverage.

I even have relative paying for full Astro packages (that is about RM160 or more a month) but her boy does not even have any policy..I really don't know but as far as I am concerned,,I guess me and my wifey only want to have our priorities right the best that we can and I am thankful that God has provided us "good" thus far,,amen to that.

Will you be upgrading your insurance soon?

P/S : Just to be prepared lah


  1. I got signed up insurance few years ago, but not planning to top up/upgrade anything..
    But depends la, see if the agent calls me or how...

  2. I bought for my kids too.. not education card but health plus other benefits... each month took up a portion of my pay.. when they start working, they have to take over .. :)

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  4. I love the following insurance poem (an advertisement):

    "He did the dishes
    Rubbed my feet
    Surprised me with tulips
    Took me to musicals...
    ...even though he didn't like them
    Carried my bags while I did the shopping
    Held my hand.

    He died of cancer four years ago.

    Because he loved me,
    I can stay in our home.
    I can be here for the children.
    I can afford to pay for their college education.
    I can worry about other things in life...
    ... besides money.

    He still loves me. And he still shows it."

    It is very important to be insured.

  5. Dula lain, sekarang lain! Did not go to school, also could earn a living...failed primary 6, also could get a job as a clerk...and support a big family. These days, even with a uni degree, you may be stuck unemployed.

    But as parents, it is our duty to provide an education for our children - as far as they can go and when the time comes, we may need the money - not cheap these days...especially when they want to study in private colleges and universities or worse, go overseas.

    But at the end of the day, it all depends on our upbringing - how we mold them, what kind of individuals they will grow up to be. I've seen school dropouts doing very very well in life and very filial to their parents and family...and others with a string of degrees and yet drowning in their debts...and the parents would have to go and rescue them some more!

    Do the best we can and pray always for God's guidance. He will show us the way!

  6. I don't sell insurance but fully supports it. I often shared my experience with everyone that I heard too many mediums, psychics and fortune tellers warning me that when I reached the age of 32, I will have very deadly and serious issues on my life. So I increased my medical coverage to maximum at the end of my 31st year. Just 3 months later, my intestines ruptured and I was rushed to Subang Jaya Medical Centre for emergency operations & was in danger for almost a week. My insurance paid my whole bill.

  7. yes.. insurance coverage is important... I do my calculation, and never ever want to 'skip' that... no wa i'm going to risk it.. like what STP said.. dulu lain, sekarang lain..

  8. yup, planning to get an education cum insurance plan. Those that they can withdraw at 21 years old for further studies while being protected.

  9. got insurance cover when I was kid, then at the end it doesn't sort out as in my dad mention the agent "cheat" my dad money . . .

    No comment and no offense sometimes, I feel so insecure with insurance company now a days . . .

    hope your insurance company is really good.