Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Papa don't be too good lah" Jo said

I was sharing with my boys over lunch how kind of "disappointed" I was over a certain favor I did for someone ..after hearing what I shared,Jovial blurted out this," Papa,I told you,don't treat people so nice ma,people will take advantage of you one"

His comment shocked me cos I thought he would be like me,"always willing to extend a hand" or had I not thought him more about being "compassionate" but then again,Jovial might have something for me to ponder about.............."We can be good,just don't be too good"

For some examples....

A certain relative almost got my name 'blacklisted" when he piled up "summonses" from some favor I did for him,and he was kind of "angry" with me for "notifying" him of his mistakes without having a single thought of my malaise.

A few times in a month, I would do certain kind of "favor' for someone and she was not happy when I said she should just come and get it from me,(when seeing me busy) instead of me taking a few steps to reach her...(why can't she make a few steps to reach me)

For a few years, I paid thousands of insurance premiums for someone dear,when I was tight and could not go on paying, I was chastised for "dumping" it half way and others example but I rather ditto here.

I have never asked them to "thank" me for the "favors" I extended to them, I only wanted them to know that please don't make me feel as if I am a bad guy when I call out to you,"please don't get me "blacklisted" for I simply hate that" or " please don't take me for a ride"

I remember many years ago,I helped out a friend when he was really down financially,eventually we lost touch but for a good 10 over years,he managed to locate me and gave me a call and told me, he remembered the little "favor" I did for him and I was glad that he was doing great now...( I thank you Joshua for remembering me)

Now,I can concede with Jovial's idea,,I still want to do good but to those who are worthy of me doing good to.....sorry I am not "God"

P/S : Thanks for reminding me Jo........................


  1. yes.. we got to be choosy to be good...

  2. Anyway, I think we should do whatever we think we would happy and we would have no rant after doing it.

    Sometimes thing that you think is good, people may not think that way.

    So, it is better to love ourselves more and be happy.

  3. Yup! Have to be street smart - sometimes, cannot be too good or people will step on your head!

  4. the saying goes.."People will climb over our head" if we are too good.. :) Use our wisdom..

  5. 人善被人欺,馬善被人騎 *rén shàn bèi rén qī, mǎ shàn bèi rén qí* (spent 11 minutes copy & paste from Chinese dictionary but its worth every effort coz Bananaz is learning Chinese along the way). For those bananaz like me literally its "too good/virtuous people will be taken advantage by people, nice/tame horse will be ridden by people". We must use our wisdom like Rena Claire said but if we do it will full compassion do not expect anything in return.

  6. bro, firstly as we know that there are no "Good Man or Bad Man" in this world, we all are sinners, that's why Lord salvation take place.We must know to love ourselves more then only to other people.Like myself i'll disregard people comments and i don't requite for the favor i did because i know Lord will know my credits that's good enough.The most important part is i did it joyfully.....Hahahaaa...Life is short, how many decades we can live....Live in our own lifestyle we want.........:-)