Friday, December 14, 2012

Remembering the time

The above picture was tagged by my lovely wife onto my FB page, it was a small note written by Jovial when he was 10 years old, somehow it just brought back some old good feelings reminiscing those little things that our children did for us,when they were little.

Now that Jovial is 16 years old already,I love teasing him by singing this song,"You've lost that loving feelings,oh oh that loving feelings,you've lost that loving feelings now,it's gone,gone,gone,oh oh oh"

I mean I do respect him now that he is 16,he might not be as "sweet" as he once used to but I know he still has got that "sweetness" in him.

How I wish I could turn back time,reliving those moments but then again that would remain a wishful thinking but I guess for the time to come,I will continue to love him as much as I used to..

Can you still remember the good old memories your children left for you? Have a great weekend and God Bless


P/S : Don't let it slip away............


  1. My 3 kids made me cry on my birthday recently.. my little girl made a surprise video clip for me.. three of them wishing me on the video clip.. and then the celine dion song came on with my old photographs from the time I was small till I got married with 3 of them.. and the song "You raised me up" made me cry endlessly while watching it.. sigh.. kids.. they are really wonderful.. thank God for such miracles!!

    1. That's sooooo sweet! Yes, truly they are God's miracles to us, and all our sweat and tears and heartaches are worth it!

  2. Aiyoyoo... i know one day my turn will come when my little prince charming William will not be so sweet and expressive to me anymore. Now he even prays for me, "Thank you God for Mummy my wife...!!" Hahahaha... I guess the inevitable will come... our boys will grow up one day. Mummy will be replaced by SYT one day too

  3. My two girls love to write this type of love notes and draw some cute picture for me. Now I read this post of you, ( I read all posts that I have missed for the past 2 weeks) I should have kept all of the love notes properly. You hava nice weekend, Eugene.

  4. I noticed that kids are smarter these days and they know how to melt the parent's heart. Keep all the notes and open them again during your retirement years. It will give you lots of happiness again.

    I had lunch with my old mother in her 80s today. She held my hands and simply said - "You are always my good boy...."

    Jovial will always be the same boy when you are 80 too.

    Have a good weekend Eugene.

  5. Jovial is so sweet, good that your lovely wife still keep the photo for remembrance. I'm happy as I blog down those sweet thing and memories in my blog too. It's so warm whenever read back the memories from my online journal.

  6. Such a cute and sweet note! Still keep the note?

  7. That was really so sweet of Jovial. I'm sure mommy's heart melted like ice. When Caleb told me he missed me in the hospital, my heart melted then the next day when he came and visit me he said" mommy no sick already, can u come home now? My heart melted the 2nd time....

  8. Greetings Eugene,

    My son is still cute and doing cute things like drawing and writing to mummy and daddy. I know when my son reaches 16, he wll not do those stuff again and behave like a man. Surely by then, i will be like you 'wishing i can turn back the time' huhu.

    Have a nice day bro.

  9. Kids do the darnedest things! Happy weekend!

  10. Happy weekend Eugene..grown ups also can be cute sometimes geh.. :)