Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Children of the NOW

Overheard this conversation this morning, a boy was making so much fuss in Mandarin at his mother,I guess he is only 9 or 10...............

The boy," Ma,ma,,, I want you to change my hand phone for me"
The mom," I just bought one for you two months ago"

The boy," But that one, cannot go online one"
The mom," You can go online at home ma"

The boy," My friends' mothers can buy for them, some got Note 2 some more"
The mom," They are rich ma"

The boy," I don't care I want I want"
The mom," Okay,then,I will change for you if you score 5As next year in your UPSR" so now I know the boy is 11 years old

The boy," You buy for me now, then I score 5As UPSR "
The Mom," Okay,let me talk to your father first"

P/S : I guess time has really changed


  1. So now the kids are holding the carrots for their parents instead? :)

  2. aiyo.. shake head... you think the boy will really get 5A if he got the phone? to me, nvm, if you don't want to study, it's your future anyway.. :p *bad mummy*

  3. can't blame the children..
    there are so precious to their parents..
    In future I would say that the new generation does not need to work.
    The parents will provide everything..
    Just like in China.. both their parents give their children CASH to buy house & car.

  4. Aiyo, sounds like the mother over spoilt the kid already la!

  5. spoilt brat! at this young age already blackmailing the parent, wonder what he will do when he is older.?

  6. Oh my goodness,what I can said over here is the parent indulges the kids immoderately. It is our responsibility to cultivate the good manner toward the kids which will lead them to the proper attitude for their future!!!:-(

    Let's pray to the Lord for bestow his wisdom to us therfore we will able to guide our chilren in his way!!!

  7. Ya agreed a spoilt brat, who cause it, the parent. Sometime we got to be firm and say NO to our kid.