Monday, December 10, 2012

In time of dire need...

I was frantically making numerous calls back to my home and Jovial's mobile,after seeing a few missed calls appearing on my hand phone(I left my hand phone in my car) this afternoon.

I got even worried when some of the calls I made home were like 'intercepted" and I could hear at the end of  line, a lady saying,"Siapa tu, siap tu" I hanged up,checked the number,it was exactly my house phone and I even called Jovial's friend to see if he could get Jovial on Facebook,(Now I know,Smart phone can be of great use,in time of emergency)

All to no avail, it has been 15 minutes, called my missus,asking her to help getting to them, she called back,telling me she could not reach them as well. I really wanted to drive back and to make sure that my boys were all right.

Then suddenly,I got the idea of calling the property supervisor.quickly I said to him, " Hey Jude, this is Eugene, I have been calling my boys for the past 15 minutes or so but to no avail and I am very worried, can you please help to go up to my unit to check for me,please"

A quick response from Jude such like this,"Okay Eugene,I am going now" (really made my day,knowing that in time of dire need,I've got a friend), he hanged up and thank God everything was okay.

I am sharing this,just to let those who always feel that their parents don't love them,could not give so much hoot about them,one thing for sure,most parents will worry sick when unkind situations scare us and also to share that we need to always to be good to others in the first place,you will never know,you might just need a FRIEND.

P/S : It is friend that gets you there


  1. oh glad that you are 'cool' to know who to find help from! and the boys are OK! yes, indeed we the parents worry to most when come to situation they went 'uncontactable'!

  2. I can somehow understand how you feel!
    Thank God everything is alright~

  3. Actually what happened Eugene.. their phone battery is out or what.. yes, when I couldn't get to my kids, i will try to locate them thru FB.. :)

  4. Thank Lord that eventually everything was fine. It was so anxious and struggling that u can't reach out to yr kid after made several phone calls. Sometimes under such incapacitating circumstances, such a blessed people who give his/her favourable help to us unconditionally.Eventhough I am not the one who was at such situation, i can feel your anxiety circuitously.Take good care ,bro.

  5. HeLLo Eugene,

    I got nervous too if I get lots of miss call. And o yes, smart phones are really useful. This morning our Celcom Service wasn't working properly, I couldn't make calls and sms. I felt like the world was empty. The same goes when we cannot reach someone we love.

    Thank goodness your kid was ok. Actually...what really happened?

  6. You are nice and kind, sure God will help you!