Monday, November 05, 2012

Where are they now ?

Actually I wanted to blog about something but then again something else just hit me,therefore something new will have to supersede something old.....

You see I have been blogging about 4 and a half years now,suddenly I have this urge of reconnecting with those "long lost" cyber friends,those that were regular to my blog but eventually they were kind of " missing" now.

I just wonder how are they doing now,some of them I realized have stopped blogging all together and some of them even "tutup kedai" closed down their blogs, anyway if you are someone who fits the above descriptions of mine and if you happen to drop by my blog,please just let me know you are doing fine.

I have their names in mind but then again I would not want to name them,(without their consent) but I just want to say,I was kind of missing those "long lost cyber friends" of mine.

P/S : Let me know you again.....


  1. I am also still blogging like mad here.. hahaha... I know what you meant.. my list of original bloggers.. some are also missing.. wonder where and what they are doing now..

  2. I have lost some cyber friend too. They no longer active or too busy to blog I guess.

  3. I am one of the missing one, lol. Don't worry, I am still around, you know where to locate me.

    Keep on blogging yo, my brother.