Wednesday, November 07, 2012

You have to believe this....

I was chatting with one elderly woman the other day and I was asking her about her experience of bringing up her children and  this is what she shared...........

You see,it is inevitable that somehow if not all,children will at certain stage of their lives will turn "bad" or sometimes it may even seem that these children are deemed "incorrigible", you have tried ways to "correct:" them,you failed and you almost given up hope on them.

So,she was saying,even at the most desperate times of a parent,when "all your teaching ways" have turned futile,she was firm on saying one thing which really struck the core of my brain and that is just one simple thing that we have to do and that's ..................You need to keep on praying for our children.

I am convinced that this is true and I can even testify that "Prayers" will work wonder....

So try the "praying method" when you are really facing difficult with your children

P/S : Keep on Praying


  1. At one time, my brother made my dad really dissapointed at him, but my dad never gave up in helping him. Though my dad had passed on, my brother has become a better person. So, being a parents, never give up showering our children with unconditional love.

  2. True... prayer works.. in His time... not our time..

  3. Ask and you will be given. Pray! Faith can move mountains...but of course, we need to do all we can, play our part too.

  4. yes, we got to continue to commit ourselves spiritually, and pray that the Mighty will care for everyone in the household.

  5. Oh this remind me the TVB drama I watch at 8TV yesterday. Both father and son have very bad relationship. The father is nearly giving up and said he dunno how to teach his boy. A woman said this : 唔识教?用心教一定教得到。

  6. Which is really true.... Bro, i remembered a few years back i did attend 1 seminar about "RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARENT AND KIDS"THE FUNDAMENTAL CORE OF TEACHING OUR KIDS IS "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" and incessant prayer.Lord surely knew better than us about our needs and thought.Another thing i learnt from that seminar, " there is no incorrigible kids in this world, only got parents who do not know teaching their own kids properly!! for example don't you think that our kids is even more deplorable that those lions or tigers in the circus!!which so well trained....:-0 .....faithful prayer will lead us to His way for our life...

  7. Just be firm(..provided your value is right. Some parents' value are totally crazy in my opinion). Just don't get angry or shout at them or they will just treat your like their 13 years old friends and shout back at you.

  8. well, I consider a bad son towards my parent then . . . I don't really listen sometimes when they advise me on work and so on.

    Example: wake up early for work.
    I couldn't wake up early, maybe is my health problem or what. Even I sleep 9pm, wake up around 11am -.-!!