Friday, November 02, 2012

I will always love you.

I was scared that I would forget, (cos I don't usually blog on a weekend) therefore I must do it today instead of tomorrow,even though it is a day earlier than it is supposed to be but I guess you would not mind Papa dedicating this post to you today.

Son, for whatever reasons that at times you might think that "I might not be a good enough" father to you or may be at times,you may even hate me for "picking on you",just like millions of father out there,my intention can only be one and that's because," I Love You"

Son,sometimes I am sorry that I need to be bad in order to be good,I need to be stern so that you can learn"  to stand", I need to "push" you out,in order for you to see the beauty of the "sun" to breathe the 'outside" air and to get dirty,I just want to tell you son,it is indeed beautiful outside.

Son,I agree with you that you are no longer the 'little boy" that you used to be,I am sorry at  times I still 'unintentionally"  thought that you were.I also agree with you that when sometimes you say,"Papa, you also like that ma" and sometimes I don't practice what I preach, again I am sorry.

Son, you might not know this but I guess you might know it now. You see one of the reasons that Papa signed up for the Full Marathon for the first time in my life is that I wanted to tell you and your little brother that,"Just don't belittle our abilities"

Son,I can tell you millions of reason why I love you but one reason will always stay steadfastly true is that....." I will always love you"

Son,I might go on and on but I am worried that you might say that I am "long winded" so let Papa says this to you,,,even it is a day earlier...."Happy Birthday jovial my son"

Note: I pray that God will always give you the wisdom to see the good and the bad.

P/S : I Love You Son..............


  1. Happy Birthday to Jovial.

    Happy weekend to you Eugene.

  2. that's so sweet..happy birthday to jovial!

  3. Happy Birthday to the Joy of your Life..JOVIAL!
    And Have a Nice Weekend with your Family!

  4. Happy birthday to you, Jovial!

    You know your papa love you, always~

  5. Happy Birthday, Jovial. All the best in the year ahead...and hopefully, true to your name, you will have a jovial time tomorrow. God bless always!

  6. Happy birthday to you ,Jovial!! i can really feel that your papa love you with his entire heart and soul.Every little kids to their parent is just like an beautiful, so flawless,so precious until nothing can be compared or replaced the status of you in parent's heart!!! Bro....God bless you and your family joyfully!!Amen.