Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That's what we should be....

She has been coughing for the past few days,went to see two docs already,it seems that the med don't really work on her.

Last night about 3.45 am, I heard she was coughing again frantically, I was kind of worry that she might lose her sleep but I was thinking to myself was there anything that I could do to soothe her malaise that caused by the bad coughs.

So,I went into the master and softly I said to her,"girl let me give you a short back massage just to help you sleep better"

That's what we should be,right? Through health and sickness,through riches and poor.

P/S : She will be loved


  1. I have been coughing for days and nights too without massage.. hahahaa... i think it is the weather and the durians consumption.. as for me, it is more on the fatigue that makes my body weak..
    Anyway, wish your wife speedy recovery!

  2. I wish my hubby can do this to me too! Haha!

    I was coughing for the passed 2 weeks also, now better already.. This is the 'season of cough', do take good care and remember to take medicines on time!

  3. Eugene, buy a bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil and let her take 3 times a day. In 3 days, she'll fully recovered. :)

  4. So funny, Eugene, you called your lovely wife, girl. I hope she is feeling better by now.

    1. I was curious too! I thought he was dreaming!

  5. hope your wife get well soon.. I've been having the cough for many many weeks...

  6. awww sweet... you could have made her a warm lemon tea .. that would help her even more...

  7. I tried cordycep capsules...and it worked. Available at Chinese medical stores - get the better ones, more expensive but more effective.

  8. Hope wifey is well now had a bad cough too seen a Chinese sinseh after three visit to western doctors. Godfather need a massage too can I email my back to you haha..