Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Room for Rent @iBilik

I will always be intrigued by the letter "I",don't know why, I guess it this letter represents simplicity,so when I was asked to check out a new website that has got the letter "I" in it, I was all for it.

So, it was "iBilik" a Malaysia's very own rental database,I need to be very frank here, the website is not as flamboyant as other similar content websites but then again, what is the point of being "attractive" on the inside,when there is not much in the inside.

As I spent a little sometimes reviewing this "iBilik" website, I said okay,now let me check what they had to offer in my very own Penang Island,so I clicked on Penang. I must say I like the simplicity of it but then again it came with a little surprise as far as my Penang's room for rent is concerned.

For one, I nearly could not believe what I saw and I thought it was kind of funny but then something should not be up there at all,, for instance..."Furnished room @ Bayan Lepas, Near KTM and LRT"  I was like,could it be a typo? or I don't even know that Penang has already got LRT services.

I must say this site of "iBilik" is worth checking out for those who would want to look for a room to rent and to do away the troubles for locating a place which is convenient to where you want to be and the places or location covered by this website,I must say it is suffice.

Therefore I would suggest for you to check it out yourself as far as Room for Rent is concerned and I am sure you will not scold me for not telling the truth.

P/S : Seeing is believing


  1. If we have that in here...finding a place to stay would be easy... I have been thinking of looking for a new apartment... my apartment owner is really getting on my nerve.

  2. Ya, I've heard about iBilik but not really have the chance to use it yet. Mmmmm....KTM and LRT in Penang? :) really just copy and paste oh.

  3. I think I heard bout this website before..
    May be a good news for those who working outstation and looking for a room...

  4. hahha...Eugene! I am surprised... :)