Friday, November 23, 2012

Please don't make them god.

Every time when I listen to the sermons as delivered by church pastors or any individual behind the pulpit,I am very careful,careful in the sense that I will not be 100% taken in by what they preach.

And every time when I am invited by friends who tell me to attend church services supposedly there would be so called famous,anointed or gifted pastors delivering sermons,I too will be very cautious and most of the times,I will not be too keen to attend.

It is so sad hearing over and over again,how we are still being duped,conned,controlled,fooled,manipulated by clergy men and women that cuts across all denominations of religion.

Many years ago,a friend was lamenting how his wife refused to be "intimate" with him after being counselled by her temple abbot that my friend had some kind of 'impurities" that would harm her and eventually,they were divorced.

There was this so called "medium" near where I once stayed,I was really amazed at his uncanny ability at how he had his so called "disciples" to be at his service almost 24/7,he didn't have to work, he had got nice cars coming to pick him up for breakfast,lunch and dinners and his followers really made him as if he was the God.

Remember Warren Jeff? He was a church leader,he was once named FBI 10 most wanted fugitives and he was eventually sentenced to life in prison for hundreds of counts of sexual assaults and many other offences.

We must know that life has it ups and downs,we can be sick, we can be healthy, we might run into financial difficulties,we might have family problems with our spouses and with our children,our business may not be rosy all the while but that's exactly what LIFE is all about,kan?

Prayer is the best medium.

One of the reasons I love running so much it that it teaches me about LIFE itself, if you set your goal,pray only to the Almighty (but remember that HE might not give you smooth sailing),you persevere through pain,through tears and eventually you will just cross the finishing line with Joy and Thankfulness.

Have a great weekend folks

P/S : Sometimes I rather be taught by a donkey


  1. Never idolized someone to such an extent.. yes, brings more harm than goodness...

  2. It is good that you love to run now! It will strengthen your mind and will powers! I am very scared of preachers too and sadly we have few pastors in my big family clans. They belong to different churches, so you know what happens!

  3. Nice and meaningful Eugene!

    You too, have a great weekend!

  4. Cult preachers are existing today bro. The best is to know our bible well.

  5. I stay away from all organized religions and anyone who tells me his/her GOD is real. However, I can tolerate anyone who is still searching and questioning all religions and all views.
    Religion is a way to control the mass. Every religion made up its own stories of why we exist.

  6. Some element of wisdom should be applied. Always like to follow this saying that is to only believe in seeing what a person does and not mere listening.