Thursday, November 22, 2012

Please don't write them off....

There was this boy, who went into hiding in one of the school halls because he was disappointed when his name was not in the school's "high achiever"list.

It was eventually found out that indeed this boy did score 5As in his UPSR this really got me thinking of something else.cynically thinking. What if this boy who did not live up to his own expectation or his parents' expectation of "at least getting this number of As", what would he do then ?Would he give up on life?

Every time when I am sharing with friends who are parents about "building characters' rather then "building As" in our children,then say I am only saying just because my boys are so called "As materials"

I would surely say it again even my boys are not "As material" that "building characters" is more important than " building As".How sad it can be if we keep bombard our 12 years old that their lives will be doomed if they "don't study well" "if they don't get as many as As as possible"

I have many friends who were not "As material" but they are doing exceptionally well in life, they are smart, they are business savvy,they can take failures and they are just all right..

I am not saying that achieving straight As is of no use but to inundate our 12 years old's mind with the notion that "if you don't score As, you are no good" it is simply bad taste to say the least.

Have we ever asked our 12 years old,do they understand what they are studying or are they getting the knowledge from the teaching by the teachers.

Therefore,please do not write those "Non As" students off yet,please encourage them to strive harder,please give them hope and let them stand tall again.

If you were to google those "great people" who have altered our lives and the world,how many of them are school dropouts.......
Note : Sons, don't be afraid to take chances....

P/S : Give them the space to find their niches....天生我才必有用


  1. i am thankful that my parents never writes us off. some of us siblings are straight A's students and some were not but my mom always say 'as long as you know that you are good in something, you can do it.'

    1. This was how my mum encouraged me too. She never caned or scolded me for falling grades but tried to understand my plight.

  2. actually what that all As mean when come to result ah? Good memory I would say since our education system is just read and memorise... no implication on life...

  3. Yes, Bill Gates is one of them? :) True..some might not be good academically but in other sources...

  4. Ya agree with you, I rather my kids is street smart instead of bookworm.

  5. even A's student in PMR / SPM, when they graduate, they can become very lifeless / hopeless. :X

  6. My wife teaches home tuition only to wealthy kids of private schools and I could write over 100 comments here on this topic of yours. The parents really need help not their kids!

  7. Hmm.. can't agree with you more on this. Once an old man told me, if your child didn't study well, as long as he is on the right track, he will make his way to success.

  8. Cultivate the positive attitude upon our roots of failure toward our kids is the most crucial things we as a parents should implant into our kids mindset.Nevertheless it was so sad that most the modern parents more toward "As" result orientation.As education is a compulsory process in our life , however "Healthy Attitude" of Living is the priority listing in our entire life!!!!Example "neither Bill Gate nor Steve Job get a outstanding degree in their education background, but they are........!!Pray to the Lord for Lord wisdom to teach us live wisely!!!!!AMEN.

  9. Please be warned though that constant pressures of getting As and be the best of the best, the student could end up being sucidal.

    Ps. Not getting enough As to impress the parents. So bad!

  10. Agree with Twilight Man. Try asking a straight A kid a question - chances are he/she cannot answer. I had a girl in my class who had travelled to so many countries in the world. I took a world map and asked her to point at where London, Melbourne (places she had been to) were on the map...and she could not!!!!

    Great at memorising, studying for exams to get the string of A's the parents (more often than not, the mothers!!!!) want. Ask them a week or so later, they have forgotten everything. That is why I am not surprised to hear that they cannot secure any scholarship...and they come up in arms against the government. They are either brainless or brain dead - who would want to give them a scholarship? And they cannot even speak decent English...