Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This one is for you bro.

I have never done this in my entire 46 years of my life but this year's birthday of mine,it was special,special in the sense that I managed to invite a dear friend of mine together with his family for my birthday dinner,initially,he did not know that it was my birthday.........so the story goes.

So I called him up two weeks ago inviting him and his family for a nice family dinner at one restaurant on the 26th of October,he agreed but he said he would like to foot half of the bill, I insisted that it was going to be my treat for him and his family.

I have known this friend roughly about 10 years or so,there was no friendship involved,it was only business dealing until one day few months back

For a few times he saw me running in Botanical Garden, we could only waved at each other,(cos I no talk to nobody when I am running,hahahahah) so one day he called me up  and he asked me soemthing about the mp3 that I was using while running and from then on, I knew I have found a friend of which I should have made him one many years ago.

We have many things in common, we love running, we love our families, we love God, we came from the same school( he is 4 years my junior), we reciprocate our friendship by mutual understanding and respect,(I even asked him if I could put this post up, thank God he said okay)

The best part of our new found friendship is,Jeffery(that's his name) would call me up when he feels that he wants to share something with me,he had never failed to call me back if he missed answering my phone and I  surely do likewise.

We could tell that you have found a good friend, when he has no "motives" at all, no insurance proposal, no MLM invitation, no "kang tau" involved and this will last..

I must admit I have many many friends but rarely I have friends that could match Jeffrey, I know from the bottom of heart that this friend I am going to keep.

I don't need friends who always tell me,"No problem bro" or I don't need friends who pompously showing off their "branded stuff" and I don't even need friends who only "drink and be merry",eventually I only need a handful of good friends.
I should have made this guy my good friend 10 years ago but thank God for a new friendship

Note : Bro.please say "thank you " to your wife for the cake, I never intended to let her 破费的 but I cant be lying to you until the end of the dinner, can I?

P/S : Serendipity at its Best


  1. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Eugene! Looks like a great celebration with your family and friends.. both of you men have the same smiles!

  2. I can see your real happiness as good & sincere friends are not easy to find these days. I have made many friends too but many were rotten like worms.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!

  3. I appreciated every single word that you posted here and is wordless expression for me to tell you how deeply felt upon the friendship that Lord blessed us.Thank you so much for the special occasion that we wonderfully enjoyed at the restaurant. God bless all of us joyfully and a big Amen.....Bro,gambarteir upon your maiden full marathon on next month....:-)

  4. Hello, Jeffery. During our younger days, we used to write in our autograph books:
    Make new friends, keep the old
    One is silver, the other is gold.
    Always good to have great friends - the positive vibes will bring positive outcomes in our lives.

    Glad to see you're all doing well, Eugene. God bless, one and all.

    1. Hey, good afternoon STP, what a great phrase that you wrote above......I'll memorize it.....God blessed we all joyfully..Amen.

      Make new friends, keep the old
      One is silver, the other is gold.

      No Matter new or old, We always feel the joyful bless of Lord in our soul....Bro Eugene , right?? :-0 Hahaha....

  5. Glad that you had a great celebration with the people you loved~

  6. Hi Eugene,
    I am happy for your new friendship. We are blessed to have good friends. We may have many friends, but good ones are only a handful.

  7. Aww congrats to the new friendship and good to know that you did enjoy your birthday :)