Monday, October 29, 2012

I didn't mean to hurt you guys

It is silly when your partner came to you asking you why were you turning a "sour face" ,you were mum. So you were thinking,"how could you not read through my "sour face" that something you did agitated me"

You expect he or she to have known you cos she or he always claims that both of you 心有灵犀一点通( many years together already ma,so you should have he or she well read),so it is funny that how come in certain instances this uncanny trait of  his or her 心有灵犀一点通 is not working ?

So you've always lectured and telling your children that,"child, nobody is going to live your life for you in the future, so you will have to make good of your life now" So the message is delivered but when things or actions coming from your children do not seem to be "so right" so you chastise them and they act nonchalantly towards you, you get hurt.

At certain points, you thought "okay,I give in,just to make everybody happy" then bad things happened,then you told yourself, "okay,I should stop now before things got worse then you were accused of something else that got you into turning the "sour face"

I remember once a drug addict (who used to be my childhood buddy,too bad he died of drug overdose many years ago) told me this and now I realized how right he was, so he said," A lot of bad things in life will always begin with all the good" for an example," You take your first puff,you crack your first coke,you screw the first time, " they will always give you "heavenly sensation" but if you linger on or jut like how you begin with a first drink and enjoy to the last and then disaster awaits.

Children alike,if you give them too much of the good,if you molly coddle too much, if you pamper them beyond the norm, the end result can be heart wrenching.......

P/S : Sometimes,all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you


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  2. Thanks. I learn something new today: "A lot of bad things in life will always begin with all the good."

    I totally agree with you. I don't believe in giving kids too much of the good. I always tell my kids the 名句精華:由簡入奢易,由奢入簡難。( it is easy for the frugal to become extravagant, but very difficult to reverse the process.) Kids need to learn to be frugal and control their material desire since young, and we parents cannot spoil them with everything they want. At times we gotta be cruel to be kind.

  3. Pamper oneself.. pamper your love ones... once awhile is really nice and fruitful.. :)

  4. Yes I agreed, too pamper the child might turn the child into flower in greenhouse. Can't survive outside.

  5. Yea, too much of a good thing is no good. Kids nowadays are too pampered. With a maid at home, sure doesn't help but I try to get them do their little part, and also thank Kakak for cooking our meals, etc.

  6. hey, bro i thoroughly agreed with you. Sometimes I perceived that when each time I try to teach the right way that our kids should follow, it seems like they literally heard my message, however they just take it nonchalantly which make me incense intensely.It make me feel that it is this is what so call "rebellious period of childhood" :-( .....Therefore after each time I rebuked my children and have some words with them, i'll never forgot to hug them and make a simple prayer with them (hold their hands).Asked God to give we all wisdom to be more like Him and rectified our deplorably attitude.
    " Eldest folks always said we live until 99, we always feel anxiety for our kids incessantly til the last breathe of our life!.......Pray hard to the Lord.

  7. Hmm yes, everything too much is no good. We should pamper our kids but not over the boundaries....

  8. I think these days children are pampered alot as we are financially better. That is not necessarily a good thing though..


  9. Imagine one's daughter married a spoiled rotten "only Child" -Little emperor from will be hell . We see a lot of these little emperor going to school in US and Europe and got kick out by school or even landlord.