Friday, August 17, 2012

Just when I thought he knew.......

To me this is really hilarious. I was having dinner with Jovial and Marvell the other night,(my wife was down in Singapore for a seminar)

 Date : 13/08/2012
 Time : 6.45 PM
 Venue: Shalom Coffee shop, Farlim





 Jovial," Papa,are they any girls having their "period" today?"
I was really very confused to what he was saying,so I asked again.

 Eugene," Why did you ask that?"
 Jovial,."I thought the period for girls came only at the end of the month?"

 Just when I thought he knew,this was coming to be so surreal,more needs to be thought Have a great long holiday guys

 P/S : I shall continue to teach


  1. It's been a while I visit here. Your kids really grown up, should teach them in a proper way... I believe a good teaching will make them understand better. Maybe you can ask your wife's help.. ^_^

  2. just make sure you don't turn them into monster..
    become too expert in these "things"

  3. This is just part of sex education subject. The most basic one actually. hahahah!

    Happy Holiday to you.

  4. Hey Eugene, just wondering if any of your boys are reading your blog and how do they feel that you are putting up their conversations with you in public, especially about topics on sex? Hehehehe... Not that it's a bad thing, but i just thought boys at their age will Beverly self conscious lor.

  5. Hehe.. So now Jovial knows....

    Happy holidays Eugene!

  6. Lol...he's trying to get his facts right...Don't say anything now, give yourself a break.

    Ps. I can be of help if you need it. ;)

  7. Period..why end of the month? oh dear, am i missing something here? ;)

  8. Your kid really resourceful! Hahha...

  9. Hahahaha... very very curious I would say! Teach him everything he needs to learn Papa Eugene :P

  10. Wakakakaka ..... I thought like him before but he is much younger!! Shame on me.

  11. Hilarious! So true what they say about "the more we know, the more we know we don't know".

    Oh gosh! Is your son reading your blog?

  12. hmm such a young age ask the question . . . I discover it by maself . . . oh wait, I think my mum told me :X

  13. as i know form 3 we got 1 science subject that we study male and female organ. I'm sure teachers at school would explain it unless if you have daughter at home, they even mature faster, so ya.. can't depend too much on teacher, as parents must also teach kid during young age they're growing smarter and smarter these days