Friday, August 10, 2012

Hence, I shall impart no more.........

Out of concern,out of for the liking for that child,out of the belief that this boy is not that bad,(part of being naughty while growing up) and for the sake of a friend that I know not to deeply........

As I was waiting to pick my Jovial up from school, I just knew that I had to share "something" with a friend,who happens to have a boy in the same school like Jovial,so I saw her today, walked up to her and open up my mouth and uttered.

"Hey Jo, I would like to share something with you about your boy " She responded by asking me what would that be and I just told her that I wanted to be straight forward about it and I was only telling her what I saw, (the truth nothing but the truth)

So I said," That day I saw your boy, walking back to school with a few friends just before the school was dismissed, he was walking out from the back alley and with a cigarette in his hands, I guess he was playing truant and he was back to school just in time for you to pick him up"

She just asked me did her boy see me,I confirmed to her negative and then I just said that she should just keep an eye of the boy but what she said afterward that was really not that inviting.

She said,"It is easy for you to say like this lah, my boy is not like your son, so good, so obedient, so clever some more" I interjected her,I said,"Jo, it is not about my boy, it is about your boy lah, please spend some time talking to him lah"

I could sense that she was not so happy with my concern and she continued," Ya lor, my boy is like gangster, not like your boy, so polite, see uncle or auntie also can address and your boy like so good? I said again."Jo, I said it is not about my boy lar,anyway I can't say anything more"

I was not there to demean a friend,I was not there to amplify how great I was as a father or how good my boy was,(by the way my boy is not that good, I have problems with him too) I was only doing it for the sake of that boy..............Ditto

Have a great weekend, thanks for listening and God Bless all Children

P/S : Let them grow up well


  1. i think that hurt the parent's ego. guess some people rather 'jaga muka' than having people telling the truth about their kids to them.

  2. Sigh! Now I know why her boy is having problem, because his parents have problem.

    Let it be, it is so hard to make her understand you.
    Happy Weekend to you, Eugene.

  3. You did the right thing but she was weird and high ego.

  4. She said so, and so let her be. No one can help her son except her.

    Some people want to jaga muka so much, sigh.

  5. Both mother and son need help. But if parents are in denial about children's behavioral problem, no one can help them.

  6. the way she respond is negative towards you!

    you have a great patience eh? :O

  7. Me again.... If she had come out to tell You that she saw your son smoking, gambling and hang out with wrong company.... I am sure you would be shocked but happy and grateful to her! Probably you would invite her for coffee and discuss further on correcting child behavior. So you did the right thing la.

  8. It's nice of you to tell her the truth but she's not thankful of your kindness. So just let it be..

  9. The truth hurts... well, you have done your part.. the rest is up to the parent..

  10. hey,i am so sad to hear about this, sometimes I don't understood why people can react in such a way. Therefore whenever i encountered such incident, I always practice in this way if Lord Jesus is in my situation, what would He do!Therefore we just have to do things which is genuine right, the rest of it we just leave it to the Lord.Is surely beyond our control.May Lord blessed this family abundantly.G.B.U.

  11. Prolly she is just offended... but who will let her know if your not gonna tell her... You did your part you are a good friend to her... you are just showing your concern... she shouldnt compare her son to your son... she should act and do something to save her boy from doing something worse

    Have a great weekend

  12. I think is all about pride, certain people just can not accept something not soothing to their ears, well, you have done your part and the rest is all up to her to educate her boy..

  13. Every parent will have their own problem with their kids. Not that you offend her but just to highlight it to her. She should be thankful for you on this. You just done your part, nothing to be worried about her feeling.