Thursday, August 09, 2012

Why can't we be friends...?.

My head was turned, so did the heads of my other friends as we laid our focus on a lady who just came out from a hair saloon.

So I thought I knew this lady, so I was just on the pretext of calling the name,"Janet, Janet" but that lady did not response to my indistinct calls of "Janet, Janet"

At this juncture,my friends were already mocking me,ridiculing me of being "Mr Know Her All" I was adamant that I really knew this girl,how could I not,she was my ex and she won't escape my memory for that matter.

So oblivious to my friends' mocking,I called out again,(only this time a bit louder)as she was passing us by to get to her car,she halted her strides,immediately I rose from chair and walked towards her and I said,"Janet? I am Eugene" Well,she did not look excited knowing it was me(cos ours was a unpleasant break up)nevertheless,she was always a polite and nice lady,so we chatted on

.I was asking about the usual stuffs,such as work and family. She told me that she was running her own business and I thought she was in it with her husband but she told me they were already divorced.I did not extend my "consolation"

 She was in a hurry,I could sense it so i retreated a few steps and kind of wanting to say "adios' to her,she then passed me her business,I did likewise and I said "Let us keep in touch sometimes"

 My friends overheard the last part of "Let us keep in touch sometimes" so when I sauntered back to my seats,pompously I acted like a victor as if wanting to tell my friends,"see told you I knew her"

 Instead,before I could open my mouth,my friends were all warning me this,"you better don't keep in touch with her,dangerous lah" Ditto

 Seriously I do want to keep in touch with her,mainly we are still friends and secondly,that's what I said,"Let us keep in touch sometimes"

 What is so dangerous of keeping in touch with your exes? I wonder. Does anyone of you still keep in touch with your exes?

 P/S : She's still my friend


  1. long as we know our limit. :D

  2. Exes mean already in the past. Perhaps, in TVB dramas, there will be a happening, but in real life, no one wants to risk the happy marriage. Unless you do not have a happy marriage, then everyone may have a happening.

  3. I don't see any harms, but make sure our spouses are aware and acknowledge of the "friendship". We got to respect our other half, right? I try to keep in touch with all my friends, if I'm able to locate them :)

  4. good to be friends then enemies..draw a line..there should not be any problem

  5. Well i think there's nothing wrong with that as long as the relationship wont go far and have the sweet what not memories haunt you again and then lead you to sin...

    Yes draw a line and if your wife is a jealous type of gal... i think you should totally forget the idea of keeping in touch with her ...

  6. Hell knows not the fury of a woman scorned!!! LOL!!!

  7. LOL to STP's comment... you might stir up old memories.. so it is dangerous.. lol..

  8. Why not? An ex is actually an old friend. It's just that (s)he knows you more intimately (maybe) than a normal friend. Besides, since both of you are in business, there is the prospect of new business leads from this keeping--in-touch-again.

    My take is, old relationship is in the past so very little chance of igniting the old flame unless there is still some unfinished business (read passion) and they pick up from where they left off - this one I think is more in the movies. LOL

    Life.. so many possibilities and temptations. I guess one must do what one must do. Have a great w/e, Eugene.

  9. I had bad experiences and I will never wanna keep in touch with old flames! You will be playing with big FIRE when a small flame get ignited all over again.

  10. i am still in good terms with one of my ex even though we had quite a bad breakup. I guess it depends....

  11. you mean she pass her business CARD to you isn't it? heh