Monday, August 13, 2012

A Clandestine Order

Went to see a friend,who happens to be a HR manager in a Small & Medium Industry the other day.I asked her about how her company was doing,before she could say anything,she asked me to move my chair closer to where she was sitting,I was in her room.

 Then she showed me a email coming from her HQ that ordered her to do an assignment that she loathed to do, she was asked to hold a secret meeting with other Heads of Department,asking them to submit name list of their subordinates respectively that are so called "easily removable", there were "criteria"s to separate these so called "easily removable" candidates from the rest of the staff.

 I am not trying to scare you with the above story,I am not a fortune teller,I can't tell you the above event could come to pass or not but one thing for sure,not many of us are prepared to face the "financial calamity" should it happen.

 Humans are like that,we always think that bad things can only happen "to the guys next to you", we don't map out our family budget,we don't cut the coat according to the cloth,simply put we just don't care.

 I am not being pessimistic but at the same time I am not sanguine to the current economy to be all so rosy as well cos if you are in the business of selling stuff ,you should feel the "sluggishness" like I do.

 I remember there was once a bad economy crisis many years ago and I witnessed it with my own eyes,how some of my friends got battered. Again I am not trying to scare you but I really think as a father or a responsible adult,we should really be "Responsible".

 P/S : It is always seems to be impossible until it is done....Nelson Mandela


  1. When bad things do happen, we will turn over and look, exclaiming to ourself and comtemplating of things we should and have done.

    But then, it will be too late. That's the part of every human.

  2. Well, it has happened to me company..

  3. bad economy happen all the times . . . easy removal can also mean to remove those people who is in poor performance.