Thursday, July 19, 2012

The little things that we can always do........

I am a strong believer that there are indeed some little things we can do to make other happy, for instance, a smile, a thoughtful gesture, an understanding heart and sometimes a little tipping here and there can just brighten up someone's days.

And I would like to share this with you guys,hopefully you can do likewise some points in our trips to the banks...............

I was at a bank to deposit a check,(hear me just a check),there were two check deposit machines and both were occupied as well and I was the second in queue at one of them. The two persons in these two check deposit machines were having stack of checks respectively.

Mind you, if you have experience in depositing checks through machines,you would know that it will never be a 'smooth ride" there tend to be some glitches here and there,worse still,if you are the back of someone who is depositing many checks,you will be overwhelmed with frustration.

So there I was at the back of someone who happened to have stacks of check to be deposited and some checks of hers kept coming out from the slot, a few went in and a few more were in her hands and the glitches happened and that slowed her down..

So I was at the back of her, I knew she would take a little while to finish her errand, I looked over to another machine, still the same guy depositing stack of checks, same glitches(checks could not feed into slot,kept coming out as well) So I knew it would futile to switch lane.

The little while then seemed unbearable,so gingerly and politely I asked the girl in front of me can she let me deposit my One and ONLY check first, she turned over her shoulder and looked at me briefly and said in Hokkien," you can wait or not ?" rudely she said that. I felt terrible.

So the unkind comment caught the attention of the guy at the next machine,he looked at my face that was almost cringed with "paisei ness" and with some 'ting ting" sound and said to me,"you can deposit your check here first"

Seriously, I was not angry with the lady, may be she was frustrated too,(because of the glitches) but at the same time I was thankful to that Guy who just cheered me up with the little thing that he did.Period.

P/S : It is not that hard to make others happy


  1. May be she woke up from the wrong side of the pillow, or visited by her monthly friend.

  2. Yeah prolly she was in a hurry to and getting frustrated about what was happening. You know sometimes we do act stupid when we are mad. That's why we need to slow to speak and slow to anger.

  3. I was at the machines in one of the banks here one day...and a lady cut in front of me in the queue. She probably noticed my presence after than and she looked at me. I just smiled at her... I was in no hurry anyway so let her have a go first. Wouldn't kill me to wait a bit even though I was supposed to be in front in the queue.

  4. maybe they are noob in Cheque deposit, thats all :)

    for me the very first cheque deposit launch when I was superb young, and I teach aunty to deposit their cheque too!

    sometimes people do feel frustrated with those glitch you mention about, just don't mind it and cheer up. Human mah, what to do? hehe

  5. frankly speaking bro... if in any of this kind of situation, I strongly suggest you to ask the guy than the woman for that kind of 'favour'.. I find it sometimes difficult to understand woman myself being one especially those younger ones...

  6. maybe is her monthly thing.. lol
    I agree with you ..
    she also having hard time with the machine..

    1. Nah she is having an LBM... and getting frustrated coz she wanted to go to the toilet so bad....

      That's just my crazy imagination lol hahahaha

  7. That is a very considerate guy, you should have make friend with him..exchanging business card or some sort..

  8. Yan lol on your 2nd part of comment. or maybe husband did not do a good job on her ha ha.
    Eugene , it is the same with the cash deposit machine if alot of cash to deposit and sometimes the machine just wont accept certain notes. Not everybody is gracious like the other man. Their attitude will just be like that lady , I came here first, you wait your turn.

  9. Hard time, frustration time, I think it's not right to vent the anger to someone else. Don't your momma taught you virtues, young lady??

    But there are still many good guys out there, like the guy who offered you his machine :)

    Stay cool, Eugene~

  10. Hmm, may be her mood wasnt good, but also cannot be that rude to a stranger...

  11. I had a similar experience. I once bought a bottle of mineral water at a shopping centre to quench my thirst. A very nice Malay lady who was queuing in front of me at the check out counter offered to let me pay first. I didn't even asked! What a nice gesture.

  12. I can understand your frustration very well.. I am that type of person who likes things done fast... but if I come across situations like this, I will go inside the bank to do it at the counter... many times it is faster.. when the counter girl asked me why, I told her that the machine was fully occupied.... :)

  13. Sorry...not discriminating sexes but I always find that women are less likely to accommodate in situation like this ....from my experience...I could be wrong ....