Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't they have better things to do ?

Do you guys for or against the idea of allowing students to bring hand phone and the PC tablets to school? I for one is against..............

Firstly, seriously speaking don't our guys from the Education Ministry have better things to do? I mean they should come out with reforms to change our education policies such as making our students less exam orientated.

Secondly, does allowing students to bring these gadgets to school commensurate that we are really flowing with the changing of times as far as our students are concerned ?

Thirdly, have they not thought of the side effects of these gadgets being brought to school like snooping on others, surfing the nets during recess, Facebooking, thefts, bullying and others.

Fourthly, do they teachers have extra time or enough time to check on the students for abuses?

Note : May be they will come out with another option, can take hand phone or PC tablets to school provided those are from 1Malasyia brand, must buy from kedai 1Malaysia, other brands cannot..hahhahahaha

So folks,do you agree or you don't ?

P/S : I am sure they can come out with better planning that can be seen as keep up with time


  1. Well maybe some schools just want to be "in" in this so called new technology era without even thinking the consequences that goes with it.
    great post Eugene :)

  2. I think they have over import those phones, and now trying to push it to the students!! why on earth we need gadget in school!! Aiyo...

  3. I disagree.. To me, it creates more cons than pros...

  4. perghhhh yg paling takut mereka bila di snatch after school..
    hi eugene...apa khabar anak2 u ;)

  5. You and I never carried phones to school and we survived!

    I just imagined and pretended that we had mobiles during my days, what would happen? My classmates would be playing games whole day. One perverted one would snap the female teachers who wore short skirts, from beneath! No need to use mirrors. LOL
    There would be lots of thefts too. The telco companies would become richer!! Government might start selling their 1-Mobile.....!!

  6. You tell them, not allowed to bring - they also bring. You take from them, ask their parents to come and claim...the parents come and want to fight with you...say you harass their kid bla.,..bla...bla... Just think lah - the values that these parents instill in their kids, no wonder our society is going to the dogs.

    And that does not include all the other things parents do and say and the kids learn from their examples. Be careful! They do not learn what we teach them, they learn what we don't... The "Do as I say, not as I do" is no longer relevant in today's world.

    Just let them bring,if they want. PARENTS who know what's good for their children should have enough sense to stop them from doing that THEMSELVES. Imagine them playing games and doing all those stuff on their iPhones and what not instead of paying attention during the lessons...

  7. What are parents for when they cannot even control their own kids? Cannot stop their kids from bringing their phones to school? Who bought the expensive sophisticated smartphones and ipads for them in the first place, if not the parents? THINK!!! Before you simply point your finger at other people! Who are the people behind it all? You know how to shit, you know how to clean up the mess yourself!!!!!!

    My daughter is in her final year, finishing her degree. Her RM90 hp just got spoilt. She just bought a new one - Nokia...RM68. If you, as parents, have taught your children properly right from the start, you can be sure they will be responsible enough for themselves t5o know what it right and what is wrong and will not go astray and be up to no good. Have you, all you parents out there?

  8. I disagree of it. It seem more cons of bringing hi-tech gadget to school eg. stolen, lost concentration, burden teacher to help finding lost hp, show off & etc. Why not putting more PC to benefit student to explore www instead of student bring it themselves. Else it would be good if teacher able to add in these technology in the lesson, showing videos and clips in the classroom connecting with wifi.

  9. it is OK if the kids were taught properly on the urgency of hp..
    we cannot compare to the olden days.. crime rate had risen and we need to keep our children safe... we cannot say that last time i only use public phone but now why the kids got hp....
    so better safe than regret later...

  10. well this is Malaysia.Day by day you have people trying to outdo each other as being most stupid moron in bolehland. Nothing surprise me anymore.

  11. I totally disagree. I don't know what the Education Minister thinks. Sigh.....

  12. so I wonder why last time teacher don't allow us to bring our phone . . . .

    because 10 of us using Nokia 3310, the phone with destruction power! muahahahaha!