Friday, July 20, 2012

Do you have someone like that...?

So the weekend is here and before I sign off and wishing you guys a great weekend ahead..Love to throw this question to you guys so hear ye,hear ye..................

You see there is someone in my life that I can never get angry with, I mean I do get angry with this person but it is just very briefly. After all these years,I just wonder how on earth she has this uncanny antic to douse my anger whenever I am angry with her or I am just angry with myself..............she just knows how to put out the fire.

I guess God has given her to me for some good reasons and I am thankful that I have such a great wife...

Now do you have that someone that you just can't get angry with? Have a great weekend and God Bless

P/S : TQ


  1. my best friend. because once I got angry she'll burst into tears. and I hate it if she cries. even worst if she was bullied by her colleagues. thankfully now she's married and it's her husband's turn take over my job. =p

  2. You are truly blessed, Eugene. God bless you and your loving wife...and your two lovely boys. Have a nice weekend, take care.

  3. Yes i believe God blessed you to have a great family. You are so damn lucky! My friend's wife even beat and throw things at him!!

  4. I too think that you are truly blessed to have a wonderful wife and vice versa and a great family who cherish each other. There are couples I know who quarrel all their life, remain married for more than 50 years and still live 'unhappily' (they say) or happily (I say) forever after...

    Happy Parent's Day!

  5. Recognising a blessing and being grateful for it is a blessing in itself. May you continue to be blessed, Eugene.

  6. practically I will be mad with everyone . . . to be fair and square else will get drama with jealous this and that :X