Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Where did I come from"

Marvell knocks on the door, I say to him,"You can't come in" . He asks from the outside,"Papa, what are you doing with mommy in there?" I say,"Will tell you where I am done".

Done. I then say to him,"Marvell, papa was having sex with mommy just now" he used to giggle about it when I say this to him but now he is okay with it cos I've explained to him what sex was all about it, the way at his level of understanding,surely I would refrain from the deeper side or more complicated sides of it. My boys know what penis and vagina is,they know what should happen during "sexual intercourse."

So, now I read that certain ministry has instructed to "take off the books from the shelves" "Where did I come from" because certain quarters claim that too much obscenity is in the book. I googled the book, to me it was okay if the children were to be guided by the parents while reading the book. Now my question is , do we still want to teach our children about the "Bee and the Honey " side of Sex Education or the plain truth of it, for me, I would choose the latter, what do you think?

What is the fuss of showing pictures our genitals,when children are guided "educationally" about it,what is wrong of showing some pictures depicting "having sex" pictures,again if it is done with proper knowledge of it?

Sometimes as family,we talk about sex,laugh at it and explain about it, I seriously believe it is okay to do it but we must also talk about "RESPECT" too as far as sometimes sex education is concerned.

P/S : Guidance is more important than Ignorance


  1. I do agree on that...
    The most important on how to deliver the message to them...

  2. No harm to let children knows.. these are basic things. Rather than keeping it.. why not teach in a proper way. just a simple explanation i believe children understands.

    Even my childish my parents conservative type, when I ever i asked them "where did i come?" mom just old me "i born you out"

    Wah.. i was so speechless.. some friendly even jokingly "u come out from rock just like sun wu kong".. SWT~ Awkward people tend to make it as a joke.. Lame ppl swt

    I came ac cross this when I'm in Form 3 science about human body.
    Children have the right to know, at the early stage with correct way. like I said "monkey see monkey do".

  3. Agreed. Read this news this morning. I told my 6 years old girl she came from my tummy. (Luckily she yet ask me how she will get in my tummy) phew.

  4. well said.. and ignorance isn't always bliss in this case. Hey is that the book everyone is talking about?

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  5. Probably not all are as open, especially those 'very religious' type. however, as long as the kids are supervise, it could turn out to be a good resource. I haven't read it yet, anyway.

  6. It's a good guide book for parents who are "shy" about teaching sex education, of course with parental guidance.

    By reading the book doesnt turn out a child to be a sex maniac or rapist.

  7. nice book...

    gensuc olicy

  8. What to do our authorities think they are the champion of moral. They think the rakyat are weak and will fall into sin if they are exposed to such "sinful" item. Come on la , there are more immoral things that they should be checking like corruption for one. Btw I saw someone posting a picture (taken from a workbook no doubt, ) with a boy peeing and the word they were trying to teach children was penis with malay translation. Howcome that is ok?

  9. Now all kids will be curious about the content of the book. Cant hide these things forever. I googled it too, wats so porno about it?

  10. Sex is the most enjoyable act two consenting adults can share and it is a mean to procreate so I think we should teach the kids and take away any mysteries.

    As far as what the politicians say ; I would ask them to clean up the skeletons in their closets before flapping their greasy lips.

  11. I admire the openness with which you are bringing up your boys. And like I have always said, you are a great father :)