Friday, February 24, 2012

Sorry seems to be the hardest word ?

When I do something wrong in the presence of my boys, I would say " Sorry son, I was wrong just now"

This morning I was supposed to send my boys to school so that my lovely wife could go for her morning run but I overslept, so this morning I called her and said, "Sorry girl that you did not manage to go for your morning run, I am sorry"

Now back to the fiasco from a miss Jessie Ooi of her uncouth and ill mannered questions she blurted out during the debate that went horrendously viral in the internet, all that she could have done is to sincerely say "Hey guys I am sorry, please forgive me" instead she said that she was misinterpreted.blah blah blah and not wanting to extend an apology.

She should have said "I am sorry " lest being given a moniker "Miss Tow Truck",is it so hard to say "I am sorry" ?

I believe Jessie Ooi is a parent,just like you and me, therefore it is imperative for parents like you and me to show example that it is "cool" to say " I am sorry" sincerely. Parents are accountable to breed generation of cool man and woman that are able to say "I am sorry"

It is so sad,sometimes when I look at those parents, who belittle others in the presence of their children saying sometimes like this in front of the subjects," Don't go near him,dirty street sweeper" "you better study hard,otherwise you end up like him,parking boy"

And those parents,who with their children around don't know how to show a slight degree of manner and etiquette, they "storm into the lift,before those inside come out" "they indiscriminately throw rubbish from the inside of their car and they tell their children it is okay not to give back the "extra change " that someone has accidentally given them and many many more instances.

P/S : Monkeys see monkeys do, thank God I am not a monkey


  1. Hi Eugene, sorry for not dropping by lately. Hope you and family are well.

    I agreed. Sorry is the hardest word but when needed to be said, it is the most meaningful and magical word.

  2. yup.. sorry seems to be the hardest word for her... and yes, I am glad I am not the Monkey too! Have a nice weekend Bro!

  3. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.. But it can be a magical word too!

    Have a great weekend, Eugene!

  4. Eugene,
    for polititian to say sorry it is almost impossible.It's a matter of survivor for most of them.Where is their diginity. By saying sorry it will add more value to them than when they don't.

  5. Bro, I saw it from Youtube. Alamak...This is not pro right?

    Actually sorry is the most meaningful word to me. It can cure many heartache people.

  6. I say sorry to my daughters too. I feel happy each time I addressed my own problem and mistake.Only people has certain degree of intellectual and maturity find apology isn't hard. You have a nice weekend, Eugene.

  7. All these candid public debates are good as the process will reveal the true character of the individual. It is very common for politicians to debate the west and we should have more of them in Malaysia;but with controlled media, I doubt we can get a real and fair debate between BN and the oppositions.

  8. Heard she's from Penang. Wah!!! Penang ladies so very garang one lah? Takut!!!! LOL!!!!

  9. I hve more respect to the street sweeper trying to earn their living than those who looks educated, dressed smartly but con and cheat their way to earn $$$.

  10. There was once my family members laughed at me for saying 'thank you' and 'sorry' to my son.

    They said "aiyer, mother say sorry to the son, like a servant where the son is the king" - something they feel disgrace of.

    And I said "well, if you expect them to say 'thank you' when receiving something and 'sorry' when they did something wrong, you should be the first example that they can look up.

    Yes, monkey see monkey do...have a great weekend!

  11. I read some of the comments on her FB page. Gosh!

  12. Saying sorry is like downgrading one's ego and pride, a word which politicians try hard to escape.

    But it's not shameful to admit our wrong and say, "Sorry, my fault".

  13. it is the matter of the dignity of the party to withold....LOL...
    Yesterday we were chatting abt her...
    actually she could continue her fame .. by having some live concerts, Tshirt with autograph, poster & etc etc .. LOL

  14. That is why the song..Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.. it is true.. sometimes I make mistakes, very hard to say sorry but at times also very easy... depending on what issue..