Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of erectile dyfunction,oral sex and Godly wisdom

I was taking a stroll with Jovial in the garden this evening,as we were chatting away,out of sudden, I thought I could share with Jovial that sometimes things don't really seem what they are on the surface.

It was kind of coincidental as well, as the preaching of the church sermon on the Saturday service that we attended touched on the subject of having "godly wisdom." Picking up on that, I said to Jovial that we needed to pray more for the wisdom of God to take more place in our lives so that we can distinguish the good,the bad and the ugly. the genuine,the fake and the phony.

As were still on the said subject,I pointed to a story of a "bogus doctor" that molested girls ages ranging from 9 to 12 that happened in Singapore,then suddenly Jovial was telling me this," you know papa,this bogus doctor also suffered from erectile dyfunction" I felt liking asking him,"Jo,do you know what ED is? " But then again, I was too quick to continue by sharing with him that the "bogus doctor" also asked the girls to perform "oral sex" on him.

Then I asked Jo did he know what oral sex was, I thought he knew cos he knows ED but to my surprise,he was lost about it, he said it was about kissing, I then took a brief pause and began to explain to him what "oral sex" was really about.

Towards the late evening,as I was rereading the newspaper and as Jo was going through his "history "textbok, I showed him the pic of the "bogus doctor" then I asked him to explain to me what he understood about ED.

He said ED was about men not able to have sex cos having problem of erection and I was glad that he knew what ED was.

P/S : Man or man, I only knew Erection when I was 16 and Dyfunction when I was like 25


  1. A male explaining this to another male is easier for a female to explain this to a male.. :)

  2. u r indeed a good educationer father..
    My parents never tell me about these things....n i have to find out my way.. LOL

  3. ED reduce infidelity..

  4. I should get my hubb to read all your educative entries about nurturing boys... Well, it's easier to pass the message between man to man :)

    Just leave girls and PMS to me.

  5. Your boys have a very good "lecturer". My parent never sex educate us. The worst is my MIL always said no good watching those blue film. I told her those teenage curious to know what is sex about. She replied me "When they grow older, they will know." o.O Gosh how to know if we didn't find it out.

  6. By giving kids a more detailed explanation, in the unfortunate event that they're being molested, they'll know what exactly happen to them.

    Regarding sex education, a few years ago, Kinokuniya helped me to order Usborne's "UNDERSTANDING THE FACT OF LIFE" from UK even though it was not available in Malaysia (I ordered 8 books at a time...on my friends' behalf). I highly recommend this book to parents.

  7. Lol....u teach Jovial at such a young age and he asked smartly.