Friday, February 03, 2012

Of fortune telling and finding out the truth

A very rich businessman, after much persuasion from his very rich business friends,finally agreed to follow his friends to have his fortune read by as according to his friends a very "highly powerful" fortune teller.

As soon as the fortune teller sees him, he says to him," Your wealth is here to stay and is likely to grow beyond your imagination" then he pauses,when the businessman hears this,he is very very happy.

The fortune teller then continues," But your wealth will end with your passing and there is no one sharing "your blood" that you can pass on to" at this juncture, the businessman is fuming,then angrily shoots back at the fortune teller," You talk nonsense, I have got a son of whom i love so dearly, a lovely wife that makes up a happy family" The fortune teller just says," I am very sure that you don't have a son",the businessman just walks off and vows never to come back again.

For so many weeks, this businessman is being bogged down with what the fortune teller has said to him,part of him is refuting all that the fortune teller is saying, the other part of him,he is confused after hearing from his friends how accurate the "fortune teller" is.

He finally decides to put all his confusion and his doubt to an end to prove once and for all(because by now his friends really think that his son is not his)that what the "fortune teller" says is utter rubbish, so he goes for the DNA test, and the result........................

The "fortune teller" is spot one, his son is actually and medically proven not his, he gets mad,divorces his wife,pays her some money to take care of the boy and wish not to see them again. He goes back to the "fortune teller" again, saluting him for his "powerful" reading.

Now back to my previous post about the lost I Pad 2, another sister of mine insisted that,she wanted to seek some kind of " fortune telling" to know who stole the I Pad 2 or where could the I pad 2 be. I asked her what good would it bring even if the truth is finally known?

Just like the rich businessman, he could continue living his life as a rich businessman with a son, a wife and a happy family but a "spot on" fortune telling just spoils it for good for him.

Have a great weekend and God bless. Don't worry about the future,it is in HIS hand

P/S : Sometimes stupidity can bring us more joy and happiness then being smart


  1. Sometimes, one's own flesh and blood will squander all of one's preperty away... Man proposes, God disposes.

  2. Tell me about that! Many years ago my dad showed me a watched he bought from someone. My dad was convinced that it was a genuine one but looking at the workmanship, I insisted he was cheated and that watch was just an imitation without any scratch proof sapphire crystal.

    To prove me wrong, he purposely scratch it against a rough surface. The result? Just like that DNA test...

    My hubby scolded me and said why couldn't I just let my dad 'enjoy' that feel good factor. It is a lesson I will never forget.

  3. sometimes, better not ask and just let it be... I have my fair share of fortune telling too...

  4. I agree with your last statement. "Sometimes stupidity can bring us more joy and happiness then being smart". But I don't think a man can accept that. As for woman, there's 50-50 chance. What do you think, Eugene?

  5. I will never allow myself nor my future to be decided/told by a mortal fortune teller.

  6. Once when I was studying in Penang, my friend brought me to a fortune teller. When asking him about my love-life, he said my future husband is going to have a mistress and I'm not the only one wife for him.

    Now I regret that I went to that fortune teller. What he said still stick in my mind after more than 10 years.

  7. Sometimes such knowledge is better kept away from us. If things turn out good , fine. If it is not good tidings how? you worry yourself sick and will be forever torment by that "revelation" Leave everthing to God and let it come, dont try to seek what is hidden.

  8. We, our both hands are in control of our own fate. Have a nice weekend, Eugene.

  9. According to Chinese customs, fortune-tellers are not supposed to reveal too much, esp the bad news. They have a price to pay. So generally, bad news is not told in explicit detail and half-truths do cause sleepless nights, don't they?

    I have a friend the fortune-teller told her, her life is the first-wife's life. Of course, she would presume that her husband would take on a mistress or something. It turns out, in my opinion, her husband could be the most faithful husband in the world. Today, they are still happily and lovingly married.

    My take on what the fortune-teller said is that sometimes it is written distinctly that the husband has eyes for only his wife, meaning the first-wife position is secure and fixed. End of story on this one. And I do have other stories... maybe another time.

    Having one's fortune read is a bit tricky. Not everyone can take it. Best to let serendipity rule..

  10. It's true that ignorance is bliss, isn't it?

  11. I am a firm believer of Feng Shui and fortune telling too but I agree that it is sometimes better not to know too much of our future. It can be disturbing to our mind.

  12. Is that story true? I hope not :(

  13. I don't know, I think I would prefer to know the truth. Indefinitely.

    Actually this has nothing to do with being smart or stupid.

  14. Some how many RICH men liek to seek advice from the fortune teller. Including my bosses. They changed their signature, change their name, some even change their kids' name. *Rolled eyes.