Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The fault of the I Pad 2

It was a CNY gathering just for the family members,hosted by my youngest sister at her twin bungalows on the second day of CNY,my family members comprise my siblings,my nephews and nieces (ages 10 to 23),my brother in laws and the youngest being my nephew's youngest daughter, age 2.

It was a fun and meaningful family gathering as far as I was concerned,everything went on fine,until one "funny thing happened."

My nephew with his wife and daughter left the earliest,not long after they left, my nephew called his mother (my sister) and she got panicked, I thought something bad happened but it turned out that my nephew was asking did anyone see his I pad 2.

You see my nephew and his wife purposely bought a I Pad 2 for their 2 years old daughter as gift and I believe as a toy too, now that the I Pad 2 was lost in the midst of the party and in the presence of my youngest sister's house and with the family members as the only guests,something was really amiss, as far as I was concerned.

I did see the lil one playing with the I Pad 2 during the party but I did not care much about cos I was busy enjoying myself and the least I could think of you that it would be stolen.

My youngest sister searched her Filipino's room, to no avail and she and her family combed the whole house the next morning but the I Pad 2 was like "gone for go." I felt bad about the whole episode about this "MIA" of the I Pad 2 saga due to the following reasons.

1) I felt bad for the host (My youngest sister) that such a incident took place in her house and all because of her initiative to host a party for the family.

2)If the I pad 2 was really stolen,then one of the family members must have been the culprit and this indeed is no good and I was afraid that this could be the last gathering for the family.

3)I was afraid that someone was thinking someone did it with all the suspicion flying around in the family.

I really felt bad about this episode of the "missing I pad 2" cos it involved the family and the next day I took my mother out for a breakfast,I just told my mother (cos she was not too happy) that just forget about the incident but she was not too keen to do so.

Let us come clean and let us forgive and forget.

P/S : Good or bad, we are family


  1. Let me recall one good book .. The girl with the dragon tattoo......

  2. That's sad...but may be it has simply fallen somewhere out of sight. Hope you all find it.

  3. Really strange....
    u r right .. it could b d last gathering .. n no one will host for the party again ..
    or mayb u could propose urself the next gathering...
    i think it must be misplace somewhere else (twin bangalows) it is huge man....
    sometime when u don't look for it it will appear in front of u...
    good luck!!

  4. Either misplaced or some kids found it fascinating and took it home? Toy for two year old? Then perhaps yr nephew will get another one for her. Anyway hope this will be solved soon .

  5. hmm maybe some other kid just "borrowed" it.. u know la, kids nowadays.. see what they like, just take only =x

  6. Will the kids misplaced the I Pad 2? U know kids to put things here and there.... But very strange too, the I Pad 2 must be around the house right? Unless the I Pad 2 got legs? hahaha

  7. The price people must pay for showing off.

  8. Wow, an Ipad 2 as a toy for a 2 year-old? I'm afraid the little girl doesn't really know how to take care of her toys yet.

    But then again, no supervision from adult when 'children under 3' is handling the toy? No wonder it went MIA afterward.

  9. I really agree with suituapui. The 2 years old parents spoilt every one mood. They should take this as a good lesson.

  10. I recently witnessed a 4 year old boy throwing tantrum by gesturing to throw away the iPad in his hand. He deserves 'rottan' for his rotten behavior!!

  11. my family has got the rules of 'no canggih' gadget during family gathering.. and we don't encourage anyone to bring it out.. everyone is to sit down and yank and eat and enjoy with no gadget involved! Try using your Iphone during meal time, you get all the stares from the elders..

  12. and of course, we scare the young ones that the 'gadget' might go missing if they play with it in public, so better keep for safety reason.. and the kids enjoy each other accompany instead of playing with the gadget!

  13. why bring such gadget if you can't keep an eye on it?
    Anyway I am sure it is somewhere in the house. or it might even be in one of their bag and they have overlook it? I know such thing can happen, because I have gone through it. My wife panicky asked me to drive all the way back to the house because she thought she left her phone at home and could not find it in her hand,but on reaching right in front of our house she found it.It was in her bag all the while.
    Hope this inicident will not prevent future gathering, which will be sad indeed, because no gadget is more precious than family!

  14. Blame game is a dumb game. No one should be blame its no fault of the iPad2 too but a lesson to be learned here. 'The uncultured man always blames others; the semi-cultured man blames himself and the fully-cultured man blames neither.' Hopefully the iPad2 would 'surface' as it could be somewhere around some corners.

  15. Hmm, may be the Ipad 2 was misplaced somewhere?

  16. do u personally suspect the first family that left took it? u can play detective a bit la. "hey..did u by chance saw the ipad so n so was playing? or have mistakenly took it home?

  17. that's bad bringing out the Ipad2 or even other electronic gadget item out whenever u go out. Some people sort of like showing off. Sorry no offense..not talking about your case.

    I had sale senior manager, bought Ipad2 for her 10 year old daughter. They took curve chat time. daughter busy playing around and left the ipad at cha time. After back to car park only realized that ipad missing.

    Mother blamed daughter did not take care ipad, till go home caning the daughter for not careful. Lots theft on this Ipad

    Parents always make a habit bringing ipad out, keeping their child occupied. it's a bad habit to do.. in my opinions what can you aspect child to take care of ipad?

  18. How come the twin bungalow house got no CCTV camera?? I heard of a similar loss happened in a house party and the CCTV camera spotted the shocking theft!

  19. Hmm hopefully the I Pad is just hiding or misplace in somewhere. Missing thing might pop out again when we stop look for it.