Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gays are unconstitutional ?

There they go again, this time certain ministers claiming that it is unconstitutional being a gay,personally I do no condone homosexuality but to say being gay is unconstitutional, I really think we are hurting the 10 % of our gay population.

Just because we the "straights" made up the 90 % of the population, it does not mean that we have to drag the minority 10 % to toll our lines, failing which they will be oppressed. Who knows one day these bigotry goons would even draft laws that would banish the gays from the face of our land.

I would like to turn the table around in this assumption, what if today the 90 % of our population are made up of gays (including those who have the power to amend and drafting certain kind of laws to humiliate the lesser ones),the remaining 10 % are "straights" and the 90 % would do exactly like what we did to them when they were the minority 10%, how would we feel then?

I really hope we all should stop playing "God", we should stop pompously inflate ourselves to be like "I am greater than thou."

For whatever religion one embraces, I am sure one thing is homogeneous in every single religion that is "To Love One Another"

There was this true story, a 18 years old gay,who eventually chose to kill himself after he tried so hard to being "not himself" in the attempt to please his staunch church going parents in order not to lose the moral of his family's image of being pious, God fearing and religious.

The mother even went to the extent of pasting those bible verses that admonished homosexuality in the most conspicuous places in the house hoping that her boy would resort and resolve to be "straight" again,I truly believed that the boy had "tried" not just "tried" but "trying very very hard" but eventually probably he could not take it anymore,he "liberated" himself.

Lives can be saved if we choose to embrace others' different sexual orientation, others' way of living and practices, don't you agree?

Note : You agree some of our politicians are not so "smart after all?

P/S : Did God ever say that he hated gay?


  1. Nah..gay cant help it. It's in their body

  2. I believe that no one was born gay, because God created each one according to His own image. that was developed through time and influence and partly something picked up from spiritual nature. to say the least. people can change, through prayers and faith in God. :-) Although the political leader probably shdlnt put it that way.

  3. For me, I don't hate gays but I hate it when they show how much gay they are hahaa.

  4. So far what I have seen and know they are peaceful, helpful and hard working people. My hair stylist in Penang is a gay and he does his job pretty well. With the current high crime rates they should focus their attention and time on how to nab those snatch thieves, daylight robbers etc and kindly leave the gays alone instead of adding salt into injury.

  5. There is no right or wrong here. Those that not on it please do not discriminating against homosexual people.

  6. Yes agree, there is no right and wrong here. I think the bigots have lost ideas to pool voters!

  7. Gay or straight, we are all God's children. Why bother about this and act ignorance to more attentive issues?

  8. well this is Humanity, being normal/gay/les need to continue live

  9. Smart politicians? How many do we actually have in our backyard?


    Good post.


  10. Is there such a thing as smart politicians? Well, they are smart covering their assess and filling up their coffers, I suppose. :(

  11. This is becoming like Iran.
    These politicians are just trying to win votes from the far right wingers.