Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks Rodney and Cnythia..........

Last week was way too happy as far as I am concerned,nothing spectacular happened,it was just that little things two friends did made me feel appreciated and treasured...

For one, a Rodney (a blogger friend who I have never met aka "Daddy and Me blog) sent me a message that he would be visiting Penang and he said that he would love to meet me, I checked my schedules and I said "wonderful" let us meet...

So, we finally met, me, my wife, my Marvell, his wife (Cat) his boy (Ryan) and his daughter (Chenya), the meeting place,none other than Hard Rock Hotel Penang. I had the best chat over some beers with Rodney,imagine meeting for the first time, we were chatting like old friends,starting from 3.45 pm to 8.20 pm, I knew these two daddies can be buddies already.

I was so touched daddy Rodney gave me such a wonderful "kin min lai",my all time favorite German beer,,thank you very much.

To sum up Rodney : A friendly guy, learned man, i like the way he speaks his English and I am rather sure he is person who means what he says...

Second one, I met up with another mommy blogger,Cynthia is her name,who is a baking expert last Saturday here in Penang juga, again we talked like an old friend, we could have talked longer,if I did not feel 'heavy " for her little princess Breanna for she was napping away on her mother's arm, so after chat about two hours, we bad farewell.

She too, gave me a 'kin min lai" of her wonderful "swiss roll"(Sorry dear, I did not manage to put the picture here)nevertheless, I appreciate it.

It is funny, after meeting up with Cynthia, it gave me the impression that as if I have known her for ages and frankly I will always take the effort of calling these two "latest additions" friends up once in a while and sanguinely making them my real good friends.

To sum up Cynthia : One tough lady,she is a kind of "you get what you see" truthful and friendly but don't mess with this lady...right Cyn?

I truly appreciate those friends who take the effort in keeping in touch with me, I guess they never knew that effort such like theirs can really make one happy and afloat in cloud nine.

Once again, thank you Rodney, Catherine and Cynthia, I promise to look you guys up on my next trip to KL ya,, probably we can once again,"pair pair some beers" and have great fun.

P/S : There are friends of whom we can keep and there are also friends of whom we should kick


  1. Hmm.. I was expecting photos of you guys..... :P

  2. German beer :D

    Haha everyone meets everyone nowadays :D Nice. Next is our turn... next year. haha

  3. Yeah, I love blogging because we can meet new people.

    Sounds like you had fun. :)

  4. If I go Next year to Penang I will give u a message too :)

  5. Hayley :we were having so much fun until forgot to take photos.kekekekekek

    Jamiey : I agree

    Coffe girl: The beers,you mean? looked good and tasted so very good too

    Daniel : anytime bro,anytime

    Lina : Indeed i had

    Venie :Can,not a prob,the only problem is you might not like me cos i act and talk crazy hahahahah

  6. The wonder of blogging. It breaks ice and barriers. Sounds like you had fun.

  7. They came at the right time, because you are in your lonesome nights. Kekekeke!

  8. I hope I am not the one you are going to kick...hope got chance to visit you when I go to day..hahah..

  9. "There are friends of whom we can keep and there are also friends of whom we should kick" Ya...I also wonder which category I belong to - didn't buy you beer...sure habis lah! Muahahahahaha!!!! Hey! Why no photo of Rodney? I dunno him boh...never seen him before.

  10. Next time when I go to Penang, I'll look for you. Can ah? Haha!

  11. yeah la.. why no pictures of the meetup? maybe too much peh peh.. forgotten liow? hahahaa... great meeting place in Hot Rock!

  12. Hei bro..thanks for the compliment. Had intended to blog about it but was too busy once I got back to KL. Anyway, Cat and I had a wonderful time as well. Your wife and Marvel are truly wonderful people. We had a little too much didn't we...hahahaha...but what the was a good couple of hours yacking away like old friends meeting up after a long time ...Cat was rather surprised that we could click so well especially since it was our first meeting up. Anyway, we are waiting for your next trip down to KL for our next `beer session'....maybe this time instead of having carlsberg draught, we could a wider selection of premium Belgium beer draught...tempting leh...hehehehe. And yes, before I forget, the biskuts are very good ....different from the ones we usually buy...;). Thanks.

  13. I met Cynthia before..she is definitely a nice friend.
    Meeting up with blogger friend is always fun n great.

  14. German Beer nice right? I tried before, it taste okay for me as I dun fancy alcohol. My boss love it and would buy for his storage.

  15. LOL Bro.. nice meeting you.. and you are fast to caught up with the blog post.. I am still hybernating.. LOL! Won't forget we 'ngau sau chi' on the 'tap leung pui' session..

  16. and how could you get my name wrongly type?!! :p

  17. Sori sori cynthia,now i got it right,didn't i?