Thursday, November 10, 2011

Caught him red handed....

I did not really catch him red handed,it was just that I saw this form 2 boy (14 years old) smoking next to me while I was waiting to pick Jovial up just now. I asked him a few questions.

I asked him why did he smoke, he said many of his friends smoked

I asked him why was he not interested in study,he said just said no interest in it

I asked him did his parent ever concern about his study, he said they told him that he was stupid, up for no good and would never excel academically.

I asked him what did he want to do when he grew up, he said no idea, may be he said selling pirated VCDs

Note : Our sons need encouragement, our sons need to know their dreams,our sons need to be told that they can be up for something for good.

P/S : Encourage them


  1. What you said is so true. We as parents need to encourage and help our children in whatever ways we can.

  2. i believe in this too. To encourgae our kids for better, not to belittle them.

  3. Mostly these type children lack of love & care from they parent. Yes do encourage our kids, we personally would love to hear those words too.

  4. It's really sad to find young people so disoriented. They are the future, the next generation and with them like this, everything will be lost. Wish something miraculous happens soon enough.

  5. Love does makes a difference. those children that comes from a family without one will turn out differently. Everyone needs encouragement ,not just children.

  6. OMG he really said that? Well it's true, we need to encourage our kids to be the best they can be. Always.

  7. You only saw one... In the school, there are EACH form.

    Not all let me rephrase that...MOST parents are not like you people - they do not give a damn about their kids...but they do care a lot about their FACE.

    If their kid gets into trouble and you call them to the school, they will come and scold (using foul language) and threaten the principal, the teachers, everybody...and insist they've got a good kid.

    One look at them and you will know - the father with thick gold chain, tattoo all over...shirt unbuttoned, the mother looks like a singer in a Chinese nightclub... Can you blame the children at all that they've turned out like that?

    People think that teachers have such an easy life - they do not know half the story.

  8. Pity them though.. that is why .. upbringing is very important..

  9. Actually I pity the kid. The upbringing is not there and hence, he ended up like that. Hope he will change for the best, if not better!

  10. My parents loved me and gave me the best in life yet I still started smoking when I was in form 5!! I felt so man and macho then. Anyway I quit 12 years ago.