Thursday, November 10, 2011

What my dad taught me............

I remember when I was about 10 years old, I stole 10 cents from my father,I remember vividly that my dad's pants was in the bath room,I dug into his pocket and took that 10 cents out of it then went up to see my friend.

My father sent my eldest sister to see me and summoned me down and asked me did I steal his 10 cents,I refused to admit,he gave me "so many chances" to come clean but I did not budge,then the worst came,he flogged me so hard with the cane until I admitted my mistake then he said this to me,

He said,"I punished you not because you stole 10 cents from me but because you were so stupid not to admit it and next time,please remember this stand up like a man and admit your mistake,change and get better,you hear boy ?"

You might be surprised how come my old man would notice that his meagre 10 cents were stolen by me, you see,we were very poor then usually my old man would not have much in his pocket,so when you steal from the poor,he would for sure know what is lost, right? This is akin to the powerful robbing the poor, we know it and we must punish them too.

I remember this lesson and I'd passed on this lesson to my boys too,"stand up like a man and admit your mistake,change and get better"

Sadly enough, I cannot remember when was the last time our politicians say "sorry" and admit their mistakes when their misdeeds were exposed?

Sometimes I really feel even "Cows" can lower their heads as sign of saying 'sorry' ,so let us learn from the"cows" so that we can become top class beef such like Wagyu and Kobe that people have high regards to.................

P/S : Thanks Papa for the lesson,I remember it until today


  1. I remembered I used to steal money from my mom's purse, my grandma's secret money hiding place (ie.. the fridge).. and till today I still feel guilty about it. :(

  2. Same here, I did the same mistake like you in my childhood. I was beaten up real hard by my mum, but I am really grateful in her guidance forever. Thanks her for making who I am now.

  3. Omigosh, ur dad is wise...

    "stand up like a man and admit your mistake,change and get better"

    I'm practicing this to get better everyday. If I have done a mistake, I will try to admit immediately.

    Not easy, but have to learn. specially in work, haha.

  4. I remember stealing loose coins from my mother's drawer once or twice, felt guilty and admitted to her later. Didn't get any punishment but her teaching then was carved in my mind forever.

    "Be honest, don't lie or cheat and admit your mistake". Thank God for parents like ours, Eugene.

  5. There is no shame in admitting one's mistakes...but it is a disgrace to lie about it just to get out of the mess.

  6. Eugene
    Good lesson there. If only our gomen are man enough to admit their mistakes. Instead they tried to justify their wrong doing. Phui!

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  8. What a nice lesson he gave you. and such great upbringing too. It all shows in your words and person now. He sure will be very proud of you :)

  9. As the Bible says.. Spare the rod and spoil him rotten.. so.. if we do not discipline our kids, they will go astray.. I am glad that I didnt when they were young..cos I also kena before when I was young.. :)

  10. The only way we can do is to demand them to be accountable or we will take to the street and throw them out. They have been stealing for so long it is almost second nature to them.
    I bet all these ministers compete with each other daily about how rich they are; how may oversea trips they take, how many Benz, Ferrari they have, how much wifey's diamond cost.

  11. I stole my mum's coins and bought her a birthday present! How silly!