Thursday, October 06, 2011

Budget 2012.. all that I want is...................

All I want for the Budget 2012 is very the simple one................

1) I want the book prices to come down cheap, cos I love to read and I also want to buy more book book for my children to read.... please lah don't make one book RM40. RM50 or RM60,expensive lah,, cannot see my little Marvell has been flipping through the same books over and over again already lah

2)I want the prices of beers to come down, you know the "STRESS" is very the real one, let us make the beers more affordable, so that once a while I can chill out with my lovely wife and friends to "De stress" ma..when we are well,"de stressed" our productivity goes up and that will contribute to the nation's productivity too ma, you agree or not?

3)Please also reduce the price of "internet" lah...... you see some of my friends say "internet' very the expensive thus deprive their children the world of "internet"....this is so sad kan?

4)Can reduce the import tax on those exercise related items ka? You see,I love to run but running shoes are no cheap, a good ones will burn my pocket for about RM300 or more a pair and I need to change at least twice a year... also also, make those running glasses cheap cheap too, cos I cannot afford to pay RM900 ++ for a pair of nice looking Oakley,,, man of 45 years old like me also wants to look sexy ma..My favorite Oakley,somebody please make my dream com true.

5)I run and I also need to take in more health supplements but you see these health supplements ain't no cheap too, can reduce "banyak banyak " or sikit sikit pun tak apa.

6)I will be elated if the import and excise duty on imported cars can be reduced a lot too, you see my dream is to own a BMW or a Volvo but to me it is ridiculous to pay RM200k ++ to own one ..

7)Not forgetting, please help to reduce the prices of those Cosmetics and Skin Care products too, I cannot be so selfish,to only look good myself, I also want my lovely wife to look nice nice too ma,, make those SK11, Burberry parfumes and those girly girly stuffs cheap cheap lah and this will make marriage stronger,thus will create happy family,eventually happy children and the end these happy children will be good for the future of the country.....................give me Hi Five on this

8)Finally, this one I shy to ask lah, but also must ask,,, can reduce the prices of "Condoms" or not ? you know Condoms are no cheap because they are not cheap,it deters the frequency of legitimate sex and this is no good for any marriage....many of my friends share this concern too ma......

I hope it is not too much to ask the way what's your wish list for Budget 2012?

P/S : I thought you said........."I heard you"


  1. Number 1, 4, 5 and 7 are relavent to me too. The rest are not applicable for you. Anyway, I hope they heard you.

  2. I like 1) and 7) the most ... but like to add one ... pls pls reduce the price of the house . buying a house in killing , just a normal terrace can cost up to RM700K ... my boys in future how to buy house ??? I wanna invest one more also cannot :( How sad !!!
    Can ar this wan ??? hihihi

  3. I like this blog entry, very funny leh...
    So sweet of you to include your wife's cosmetic and skin care items into your wish list. Real good husband.
    Agree with you, books are very expensive. Now there's a Big Bad Wolf book sale in KL. Very good deal. Should tell your Ah Eng to invite them to organize one in Penang.

  4. All I want is my two side tooth..oops thought you are asking about Xmas wishes. Oh budget *2012* wonder shall be alive by then, thought world gonna end? Re item #8 Outdated lah bro no use rubber, use calculation 5by5 rule, save money & very the choon one..muahaha.

  5. So, did you send a copy to our PM or not? LOL

    Eugene, please help do a survey for Robin's PhD project. Hope your readers can also help out. Robin needs 500 responses from around the world. It's on anonymous basis. Thanks in advance, Everyone.

  6. For me... er... nothing much actually.. never really think about the budget.. hope it benefits the consumers.. not the rich becomes richer, that kind of thing..

  7. everything is so expensive now! ...

    what kind of books does Marvel read?

  8. Hey bro, use the book sale like MPH or The big Bad Wolf (in PJ) which is really really cheap. Also, you nearer to Langkawi than most of us, so go get your duty free booze there lar

  9. Can reduce properties prices??

  10. support your budget 2012, if i'm in the cabinet i'll approve. Hehe

  11. WAH....

    When u buy ur BMW..let me know. Dont buy volvo ok cos my boss drives a volvo :( *blek*

    All i want is salary increase.

  12. haiyah what to do XD now I realize youngster didnt have money and buy condom and take risk to do something . . . more easy than kena TOTO or Magnum first prize wakakaka

  13. Eugene, this book sale is definitely up your alley. 1.5m books and discounts as much as from 75-95%. Probably worth making a trip to KL. Check it out on my blog here.

  14. I ought to make a wishlist for my govt. too for next years budget!

  15. *HUGE grin* You are hilarious :D For some of the items here, like 2, 4, 7... perhaps you should go ask Santa instead hehe :p